Batman: Arkham Asylum (worth buying, even without Adam West)

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    Who else is playing it? It's already out for XBOX360 and PS3 (I have the 360 version), and drops on PC & Steam 9/18

    This is without a doubt the best superhero game, ever. I'd go so far as to say it's the best game released in 2009, any platform (so far).

    Premise: You are Batman (duh), returning the Joker to Arkham Asylum, which has been fully imagined for the first time in any medium as a sprawling compound on an island off the coast of Gotham. The Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill, who steals the show), soon takes over, and you have to return the place to order

    Story mode is good, full of a lot of variation in setting and gameplay, but for me the standout is the challenge maps

    There are two fighting modes: combat and predator

    In combat, you're basically in a room with a shitload of guys, and you have to beat copious amounts of ass. Luckily, you're Batman, and that's second nature. It gets more challenging when some of the inmates start picking up knives and stun batons (which can't be countered by regular moves), so not only do you have to fight all these guys, you have to strategize your actions while doing it. Comes with global leaderboards to ensure addictive replayability

    In predator, the enemies are all armed with guns, which can kill you pretty fast, so you have to stealth it, and take them down one by one, using your vast array of Bat-cessories

    The setting is awesome, the game is true to canon (almost all the classic characters are represented in one way or another; little details like bios telling you the date of a characters first appearance in Batman comics), superb voice acting and writing

    Oh, and there are 240 (!) challenges set up by the Riddler, easter eggs hidden all over the game that give you experience points

    So if you have it on XBOX, post your gamertag, and add me: "UMA PLATA". I'd love to compare some challenge scores!

    tl,dr: If you play this game, you play it AS BATMAN.
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    Just watched [ame=""]YouTube - Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough - Extended GDC 09 Cut[/ame] it looks really, really good.
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    It looks really awesome indeed, even though I have no particular interest in Batman (except for the fact that he's obviously quite badass). I love games with some well executed stealth, as seen in that video. Not to mention the rest looks cool. :p It's one of the games on my "might buy" list for PS3.
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    I've already pre-ordered it for PC. Was blown away by the demo. Really looking forward to it.
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    I have it for 360 but since its currently in for repairs I haven't got to play it in a while, I'm sure I'm out of the top 1000 in most of the challenges by now :'(