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    Hi all. My name is Colin Callahan and I have just released my first public version of "Bathroom". Its been a few months in the making and still has a lot to be added, tweaked, and balanced. It is at a level that is playable, so try some play tests if you like and let me know what you think.
    Unfortunately, the file download system here does not seem to like me, as it gives me a page load error every time i attempt to upload. So, here is the Map description and screenshots, followed by the link to fpsbanana to download the map.

    Bathroom Alpha 2


    Map Information:

    Title: Bathroom
    Version: Alpha 2
    File: cp_bathroom_a2.bsp (~ 35 mb)

    Created by: Colin Callahan (ULEC*RedPower in game)

    With design assistance from: Brendan Gilman (ULEC*Evil Murdach Swayze in game)

    Author(s) Email:
    Colin Callahan:
    Brendan Gilman:

    Game type: currently CP, but it has yet to be finalized.
    Compiled on: April 13, 2008
    Objective: To capture all 6 points. (Will likely change in the future)


    Brief Description:

    Bathroom is a rats style map, so the player is about 4" high. There are 6 areas, which are the Cabinet, Counter-top, Toilet, Hamper, Shower, and Window Sill. The various areas are connected in many surprising ways through the inside of walls in the mousehole and piping systems. Everything is stylized in a fairly realistc way to enhance the experience of being very small. For each area, there is a capture point and a respawn tied to it. So the more capture points you own, the more places you will spawn. Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think!


    Alpha 2.0 First Public Release:
    -So after many months of intense work, I am finally releasing the first public version of the map "Bathroom", for lack of a better title.
    -Everything is functional at a basic level, Red starts in the Cabinet and Blue starts in the Shower.
    -Keep in mind this is no playable release per say, it lacks many necessary elements to provide the player with direction and information.
    -Please excuse the large file size as various optimizations still need to be done. The addition of custom content also adds about 12 mb.


    ©2008 by Colin Callahan
    All Rights Reserved

    Team Fortress 2 is a registered trademark of Valve Software.

    Install instructions:
    Just unzip the map file into your "team fortress 2\tf\maps" folder and enjoy!

    Feedback instructions:
    Please keep it constructive and don't forget that this is still an Alpha release.

    Design process:
    Programs used: Hammer, 3D Studio Max 9, Photoshop CS3
    All Assets and Mapping work done by: Colin Callahan

    I am currently an 8th quarter student attending the Art Institute of California: San Diego. I began this map as a school project a few months ago and then continued the development outside of class. Most textures and props were done from scratch. Thats a total of over 67 custom props and 90 custom textures.



    Download the Map Here

    --Colin Callahan (ULEC*RedPower in game)
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    Nooooooo, don't send me to, I hate that site! The font's too small, it's too dark, it's cramped and it's width doesn't scale properly so makes me have to scroll sideways to see the whole page. Plus the review/rating system is really not very good and neither are the comments.

    Upload your map here with the screenshots and copy and paste what you wrote on the other site and I'll gladly take a look! The map name and that dark picture is intriguing!