Bad SetLocalAngularVelocity error

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    I have a basic payload map created (it is my first :blushing:) and I've had a run through with some bots and also without, while the payload reaches its destination no problem on my own, when I add some bots in and when the payload gets near the final terminus, the payload cart starts to spin vertically for a bit, then stops and does not move. Also the console appears with the following (a few times):

    Bad SetLocalAngularVelocity(-9838.041992,-6824.923340,0.000000) on train

    I tried changing the height above track on the func_tracktrain by a few units and this doesnt seem to help :(
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    If I am not terribly wrong, the value in "Distance Between Wheels" in the func_tracktrain may cause errors with this.
    At least that's what caused it when I first encoubered this error