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    So today was the big day, the day I went to Valve. You know how they say never meet your heroes, well thats just not true at all.

    The day started out with a trip though the office with Thad, one of the employees. He showed me around the offices and all the different areas of their office building. This included the tech support area were the gave me the current specs of their computers (i7, 6GB DDR3 Ram, 128GB SSD, Nvidia 580) but they still test on lower end comps so don't let that worry you. After this we went past DOTA 2, TF2, and test rooms. Fallowing that we came back to the office cafeteria for a little snack then it was back to the lobby.

    After waiting in the lobby for a few minutes it turned out Gabe was in the office and wanted to say hi. To my great delight he was playing DOTA 2 when we walked in and from what I can see the game already looks very promising. After a little "sneak peek" we sat down to talk about Steam and other goings on in Valve. During this chat he confirmed that Steam will get a video recorder very soon, also he said they were looking into the iOS/Android platform for possible expansions with Steam. He also siad that the Source film maker is in the pipeline for a public release. After the chat was over he happily signed my copy of the Orange box and sent me on my way to Robin Walker.

    So me and Robin then headed down to the TF2 team so see the people behind the game. After that it was down the business, the interview.

    Video Part 1
    Video Part 2
    Video Part 3

    Audio download link

    Mediafire link

    The Kins was nice enough to give a quick breakdown of the interview:

    Other questions not discussed in the video:

    Meet the Medic
    1. I have seen it and its 100% real
    2. Its about 80-90%~ done
    3. Its one of the best "Meet the" videos yet
    4. It will be released "soon"

    1. Its on the detailing stage and will be released "soon"
    2. The images posted with the Steam screenshots press release were intentional

    Source Film Maker
    1. It will be released "soon"

    TC Maps
    1. Another will be made if one of the mappers feels like it

    Once the interview was over we were both really hungry and we split ways for lunch. When I had finished lunch I went back up the office and waited for Robin to come back. Then I got one of the biggest surprises of my life, Tim Schafer had just walked into the lobby. Now he looked really busy so I didn't bug him for an autograph or something but it was still badass seeing Gabe Newell, Robin Walker, and Tim Schafer all in one day.

    Speaking of Robin, just as Tim left he showed up. Robin then took me to the Portal 2 test area were I tried out some single player on the PS3 and got to see how Steam interacts with the PS3. Then to my great delight I was shown a nearly completed version of Meet the Medic. All I will say is that its really epic and was worth the time it took. For the final act of the day Robin let me go all out on Portal 2 while he pushed out the new TF2 updates. Now I have a few things to say about Portal 2. One is that you need to buy this game. Portal 2 is just mind-blowing, the story, the puzzles, everything is the best that Valve has ever made. Valve could sell this game at $100 a pop and I would still buy it, thats how good it is. And as for a demo, this game does not need one. Take it from me, Portal 2 GOTY 2011 no contest.

    So thats it, that was my day at Valve sorry if I didn't answer all the questions but I hope the new info will make up for it.

    Re-cap of important info:
    1. They use very high end computers when a game is in development (i7, 6GB DDR3 Ram, 128GB SSD, Nvidia 580) but they still test on lower end comps
    2. Steam will get video recording "soon"
    3. Steam might come to iOS/Android
    4. Source Film Maker will be made public "soon"
    5. Meet the Medic is badass
    6. Portal 2: GOTY hands down


    If dropbox is down use these link:

    Enjoy and feel free to ask more questions. (It might jog my memory if I forgot something in my story)
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    Damn I'm jealous. I've been there, but it was after hours :)
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    Cheers TPG. Your a bro for doing this
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    thats amazing! i wish i could have gone but sadly i dont know where they are located :3 but yeah that sounds like a amazing day hope it was a lot of fun just reading this makes it sound exciting!
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    please make them links instead of images. the spuf thread was much easier to "navigate." thanks.
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    Well, shoot. I guess I have to go preorder Portal 2 now. The last time I bought a game full price was... well, Portal, fittingly enough, but it was only $20.

    And it's so cool and not at all suspicious that all this stuff is coming "soon" just around the same time you showed up to ask them about it. I do genuinely have hope for "Meet the Medic" though, at least. The "voice actor wasn't available" theory has been killed, and hopefully that also means new domination/revenge taunts in a future update.
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    Please spoil Meet the Medic for me.
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    Damn you dropbox, damn youuuuuuuuu!!
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    Is that how you arrnge which of your steam games go to who when you die?
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    Did you see him?
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    After listening to the interview I was very pleased with the answers that were given for the questions. ESPECIALLY when he described what they were looking for in thread that might pertain to making something better. In all sense, looking for why something is wrong is much better than looking and trying to comprehend posts that state what could make this better but without saying how it is not good at this point in time.

    I could tell that he didn't really want to talk about or deal much with the consoles which is a plus in my book. Not "everything" needs to be cross platform, it's one of those "If it's not broken why fix it" type of deals. Valve games for YEARS have succeeded on only the PC because of a couple of reasons.

    1) They listen to the people and don't have 1 guys telling the what to do.
    2) Their games have replay value(multiplayer) OR have earned enough respect from the in depth storylines to make people want to buy it(aka, not another hack 'n' slash, blood and gore, blow things up with 15 minutes of talking type of game).
    and 3) Keeping things fresh is what keeps people coming back, I have yet to see a Valve game or series to where they have failed to introduce something new or unique to keep people guessing on what to do or how to accomplish something in a different way.

    In saying that I will definitely keep this interview in mind when giving feedback on certain things as I now know what they are looking for and how to present it in such a fashion that it will be noticed more often than not. I appreciate you TPG for doing this and I as well wish you could "spoil" some stuff for us but then I highly doubt you'd be going back there for any future interviews. :p
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    Thanks for telling us all of this :D

    I've found it very very interesting and a steam video recorder?! Wow just wow. That means we're getting something decent to record videos with finally :)
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    "Jay Pinkerton" Is the name above the middle images... Hmmmmmm

    Possibly some artwork for the Portal 2 game? iunno
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    He's the (I think ex) editor for cracked magazine. He helped write Portal 2's story. But none of that looks like it's from Portal.

    Edit: You ninja'd that quote. Yeah, no idea what it means. Maybe he drew them? But he's not really known as an artist.

    Edit 2: Should also say, I love the art. Crazy unique style going on there. There's definitely some science-fictiony alien stuff going on there or something.
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    Thanks for sharing this. Love the photo of the stickies on the door frame.

    FYI either your account of the files in questoin are suspended because of too much bandwidth usage. I guess the mirrors were absolutely necassery; i'm guessing you posted this all over, though. 2f2f, facepunch etc.
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    Very interesting read/interview!
    Also nice photo's.
    Thanks for sharing you lucky man!
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    dota 2?