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    Hello everyone,

    I used to be active on tf2maps before, but due to changes in my life I spend less time playing tf2 and eventually stopped mapping.

    One of the reasons I got back into tf2 was the release of tf2 for linux, the OS I am using right now. Now after playing tf2 more often I decided to start mapping again.

    Looking at my old map I see that I did not make any play-worthy finished maps, but did have some intersting experiments.

    Right now I will probably just start making some simple maps again to get the hang of hammer again.

    One thing I would like to try is to rewrite a map generator. I had written one before ( However it was very basic and my programming skills have improved quite a lot since that time. I think I might be able to create a more impressive version if I put some effort in it.

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    Check out Joiner:

    I'd share my code with you but it's horrible and if I'm honest, instead of adding functionality to the existing code, it'd be easier and better for me to rewrite it in Unity. (Which is something I mean to do)

    Pros of doing it in unity:
    * Live 3D preview
    * Sliders instead of text based input
    * Siders instead of number based input
    * Folder browser for loading/saving
    * Sliders to adjust seed on the fly
    * Could be web-based

    Cons of doing it in Unity:
    * I have to port or rewrite my code which I pretty much need to do anyway

    Did I mention sliders?