Baaack (though I never really left)

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    Yeah, I've been inactive for abit, and although I never formally announced my inactivity, I decided to formally announce my "return".

    Firstly, the site my Team Fortress 2 server was hosted on,, was apparently gonna be shut down as of last month. A friend of mine over Steam who runs a big community on Steam told me he and the community would be taking over hosting duties for the site. Regardless, I decided to shut my server down after getting a replacement XBOX 360 (arcade console) for Christmas to replace my broken Pro console.

    Which leads me to the second reason I haven't been active. I've been catching up on stuff I missed out on from August til now, since my first console broke in August. I finally finished Fallout 3, got 72/72 achievements. I'm now working on Borderlands. I've got 36/55 achievements on Borderlands and I'm trying to get all 55. As of now, my gamerscore is 19,921.

    So yeah. I'm back, and I'm gonna try to be somewhat-active.
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    Welcome, again. ;)