KotH Axeton A2

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Dec 5, 2017
-Fixed OOB
-Changed point
-Fixed visible nodraw

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Feb 8, 2016
i want to give you some advise and help you a bit with your map.
i do know that this is your second map ever but i need to tell you so you dont make the mistakes i did so i need to tell you that you should try to make the map unique and interesting.
what i mean is you should make the point stand out in a way that makes the map more fun. look at some other koth maps to see what i mean. The point is located in a place that has height advantage and more. Keep in mind that it's always good to experiement and i look forward to seeing what you can make.
good luck with your map and i hope i helped you. ;)


L2: Junior Member
Nov 2, 2017
Hey Ashz!
Figured I'd take some time to give you some thoughts!
It probably won't surprise you that this map is 90% corridor, and I hate to say this, but it seems really un-fun. The terrain is all the same, the point is a blender set to "liquefy", and there's very little height variation. I'm sorry, but this map doesn't seem very fit for TF2. I created an imgur album to explain my thoughts
BUT! if you are determined to make something fun out of this project, I have a few recommendations, the primary one being studying the traditional king-of-the-hill formula for TF2. There are a number of resources for this; I would recommend UEAKCrash's video (
) on the subject, which I think can help.
Humble beginnings, friend! Everyone has to start somewhere, and there's no easy way to learn all this besides just experiencing it first hand. Don't get discouraged!