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Avoiding the sandmans "balls through walls" glitch?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Belli, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Belli

    Belli L69: Deviant Member

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    Hello there, looking for a way to prevent that glitch where a scout can shoot sandman balls through thin surfaces, like glass (e.g., first stage of thundermountain, where it goes all the way from a red spawn window up to the cart).

    Can invisble brushes, like clip or nodraw, eliminate this exploit?
  2. Yacan1

    aa Yacan1 D I G I T A L I N F L U E N C E R

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    Maybe a thicker wall? I'm not sure since it's a specific problem. I can't aim the sandman for shit anyway. Try clips or invis walls and just mess around with things if you think it's going to be that huge of an issue.
  3. Crash

    aa Crash func_nerd

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    If it's somewhere out of reach, perhaps an invisible brush floating in the air in front of it?
  4. Kill_the_Bug

    aa Kill_the_Bug

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    I found that you have to be a pretty good scout/sniper (works with Jarate and milk too) to get this to work right. From what I've seen (and tried) it only works right if you're running at the object and then you have to time it right.

    Thicker walls might be the only option. Unless it's game critical, I'd say forget about it.
  5. Wander

    Wander L3: Member

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    If it's really that important for some reason, and you can't make walls thick, you could do the following:

    make a filter_activator_class entity
    give it the name filter_sandball
    and as Filter Classname enter tf_projectile_stun_ball

    now make a trigger_remove, and under filter, enter filter_sandball

    now any sandball going through that brush will be removed
  6. tyler

    aa tyler snail prince, master of a ruined tower

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    Unless you're trying to avoid cheating in the batting cages on your trade map I would say who cares
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  7. Zeigh

    Zeigh L2: Junior Member

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    You have to make it thicker. It's possible to do this on one of the trade maps I frequent. To shoot through a wall, you have to run to the wall, and shoot just as you meet it, before it detects the wall and makes you unable to shoot.