Average Sentry Guns *Allowed* for complete Block of flag areas

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Bombraker, Jan 7, 2015.

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    Heyo peeps,

    I'm working on a CTF map and was wondering what amount of "well-placed" sentry guns should be able to block of the flag area (i.e. would you recommend 2/3 good sentry spots or more).

    I reckon there has to be at least one perfect spot (like in most valve maps)

    Stay awesome!
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    The rule for sentry guns is the same as with sniper positions: don't build any at all, and then test. Chances are there are enough spots you didn't plan that you don't need to make more.
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    In my opinion Doublecross and Turbine are the two "best" CTF maps currently in game, and their intel rooms each have one great sentry spot, then 2 mediocre sentry spots which really aren't that good for long time use, but can be used to catch people off guard once or twice before the enemy team takes them out (for example, under the vent in the intel room is good for a little while, but once the enemy team catches on it can be easily destroyed).

    As long as your intel room isn't like Sawmill or 2Fort where EVERY sentry placement is good, then you're probably in pretty good spot.
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    I try to keep at least one sentry gun position in mind when making control point zones.

    On a side-note, bots are very good at finding effective sentry spots.
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