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    I know we like to rip valve for lots of problems with Hammer but we also give them praise where it's due. One thing I have to give them big time props for is how they implement their autosave. Not only if you crash Hammer does it ask you if you want to load the autosave, but if you do, it's now listed as one of the "recent" maps you've loaded. Which comes in handy because I did about 5 hours of work today, it crashed, I loaded Hammer again and it asked me if I wanted to load the autosave file, which I did. Then I made an invalid displacement and it crashed me again. I loaded Hammer again and chose not to use the autosave, because I thought it would have saved it as my map name since it had been more then 5 minutes. Low and behold my map that loaded was the version previous to the 5 hours of work...........WTF??? Good thing that last autosave was in the recent list because I went to that and all the work was there again. Whew...........that would have sent me through the