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Automatic Stair Builder (Does one exist?)

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by HolySnickerPuffs, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. HolySnickerPuffs

    aa HolySnickerPuffs Bad at TF2, Loves Mapping For TF2

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    After hearing about YM's Joiner, I realised a similar thing could be done with stairs. Is there a program that generates stairs?
  2. tyler

    aa tyler snail prince, master of a ruined tower

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    Some people started to write programs that made stairs but stopped, and there's two reasons. First, stairs are really simple to make when you get it down, no matter what kind or size you're making. Second, each staircase is fairly unique to its location, in terms of slope, size, detailing, etc., that inputting those fields just slowed you down more. Obviously you could have a simpler program, but then why bother when it takes the same amount of time to make a 128x192 staircase as it does to open the program, generate a VMF, and paste it in?
  3. Pocket

    aa Pocket func_croc

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    If it had a built-in feature where it randomizes the horizontal alignments of the front textures, I'd support it just for the sheer number of mappers who never remember to do that step.
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  4. Idolon

    aa Idolon the worst admin

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    I made a program a while ago to generate stairs, though I think the thread for it got lost when Frozen accidentally the forums. I'm not going to re-release it since it was a piece of garbage and hard to get working, but I may re-write it in the future.
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  5. MoonFox

    MoonFox L10: Glamorous Member

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    personally, I feel doing stairs by hand allows for more creativity in design, and form. I made a spiral stair case using the same exact slanted brush.