Automatic Refreshing and Hashtags

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    Automatic Refreshing

    Let's face it, having something be live is nice. In this, information is constant, but it does have a downside. I dislike having to always refresh the main page to find there are no new posts, but if we had an automatic refresh of the main page, this could make them be read and responded to quicker. According to the XenForo Debug Output*, most of the site is in PHP (for the front-end and a lot of server connections**). I know a couple ways to have the page automatically refresh, but not everyone would want this. It would make the website lag more after the initial load, but it is a timer and a refresh cue being sent. This is able to be accomplished with PHP for specific areas of a single page, but JavaScript and other languages would work well, too.

    This could probably be set up as a per user basis, with custom times, but forty-five seconds to three minutes seems like a reasonable range. With a per user basis, it'll cost more resources on the server.

    Hashtags (from the WIP in WIP Thread)
    With XenPorta 2 PRO**, this should be possible. Tags are already listed under the features section. I think it would be cool to have something like this, but there is one major problem. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a page. Pretty much, what will show up on top? With spaces, symbols (such as the #), and capitalization could be issues. I used to work on a few search functions, but it should be fairly simple with tags already possible. The problem of capitalization could be easily dodged with disabling the case-sensitive process. Symbols could be used as a way to mark the beginning of the tag (such as the markup language that TF2M and Steam uses), and you could have an ignore function easily. Spaces and underscores are usually not an issue, but a comma-space replacement is easy to make automatic.


    * PHP is pretty standard for websites (more with forums) alongside with various versions of HTML and other languages. I cannot say what the databases and servers are exactly written in, but it could be SQL, a well-known query language that works well with updating and retrieving information to and/or from databases. It works well with PHP for websites that are constantly being updated.

    **I saw this at the bottom of the home page. Also, a lot of the information for file names and site pages can be found at the TF2M Debug Output. By digging through this, I found some of the information for above. The debug function can be found on most XenForo forums. It's helpful with analyzation.