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Discussion in 'Server Events' started by Fantasma, Jul 10, 2014.

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    So as many of you know we now have an Australian server (Some stuff is still getting straightened out in it) and of course I would love to have a gameday on it.
    But that leaves me to my question, what time would best suit everyone? Please answer with your: Time, Current timezone, and why.

    This was a time I was considering using, mostly because American mappers can quickly retool their maps for the gameday that happens 12 hours afterwards. (Usually) The problem is though it is a little late for some Australian mappers. gameday #1

    This is the AU server IP, it currently runs RD_asteroid endlessly:
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    It's not listed on the servers page, yet.
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    I'm in Malaysia (GMT+8), I could join events on weekdays by 11pm Sydney time, maybe earlier on weekends (but very variable, little free weekends).

    I won't join this round but will definitely track this server/topic!