CTF Aurora

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Feb 26, 2008
Battle underneath the crackling magnetosphere!

(Aurora was developed out of Icefield, and is now in release candidate form. Unlike with Yukon, I do not anticipate ANY major changes to the map at this point- consider it as good as finished.)

Aurora addresses many of these issues and balances gameplay with both optimization and a tight focus of themeing. It may be thought of as a spiritual successor to 2fort!

The map was built with a multitude of play styles in mind, and can hold up to both the sentry farms of 16v16 and the challenges posed by 6v6 gameplay. One of the design criteria was, "How can CTF be made dynamic enough for 6v6 gameplay?"

Gameplay rules:
1. Spawns are located at the back of base, behind capture point.
2. Flags to be carried are located in top floors of lobbies of each base.
3. Intel flags may not be carried backwards into one's own base.
4. Flags return only after 90 seconds. Think of captures as inevitable!
5. Base 7 minutes; 1:30 added for every capture
6. Standard respawns
7. Intel capture results in martyrdom (you can't stick around to camp your foe)
8. Buildings can't be constructed where it's too damp! Don't bother! (uhh except if they're completely underwater )
9. No resupply cabinets! You have to be creative to defend your base well! Lazy defense is not promoted here, no way no how.

Acegikmo- Texturing partner!
Shmitz- Intel bases!
FLOOR_MASTER- Distinguished feedback!
Unnamed Valve employee (don't want to flood him with requests) Entity fixes!!

-Small optimizations
-Graphical tweaks
-Sentries unsappable
-Implemented feature to 'intel blockers' of opposing team
-Spectator cams
-Clipping fixes etc
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Fire Tock

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Sep 14, 2008
i was one of the testers. There are a couple problems that i have noted:
1. Buildings can be built on top of door to cap point. If too many are build there they can block out enemeies from capping.
2. If you are fast ebough, as an engi, you can build a exit on the cap point right before the sentry's kill you. THen build an entrance somewhere near spawn. Your team can insta-cap.

Nineaxis helped witht the 2nd one.


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Sep 6, 2008
One thing that bothered me was those butt ugly no intel signs on your otherwise lovely map. Either figure out a way to make them decals on the wall or make them only visible to people carrying the intel. >_>


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Feb 10, 2009
You can use the dead ringer to survive the fall down the intel shaft. There's really nothing to do down there unless someone is killed with the intel and it falls into the shaft, but you might as well know.
Aug 19, 2008
nice nice nice, love the setting and the custom stuff, all of it :)

i´m just wondering, that´s not multistage, right?
have the rules of the contest been loosened up or did i miss something?
Aug 19, 2008
meh... when i asked if i could incorperate normal Contol Points along with the ctf, i got no proper response, now i´m too far in to make major changes :(

anyways, glad to see you participating :)
Feb 14, 2008
Wow, when I first capped the intel... this map is amazing. However, there are a few tiny niggles I have, from running around (these pictures are taken with FPS config on, and I cba to go and take them all again :p).


I suppose there's not a lot you can do about that one, the waterfall being a model and all.


Don't know if it's just me, but that's a bit of a weird shadow you got going on there.


I get caught on the black bit, not stopped, but slowed down quite a bit.


Running over the cap zone is a little annoying.


That doesn't look right to me.


Some people may be a little confused by these in the enemy base, where they are supposed to be headed, make them invisible to the other team, since it doesn't apply to the ones invading the base?

I haven't played it properly yet, so I'm going to try and persuade some admins to put in on their servers.

Sorry for my config ruining the maps detail :p
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Old Man Mutant Ninja Turtle
Mar 4, 2008
Ran through it a while ago, I think there needs to be an area expanded a bit for some real defencive positions, or an area that has to be run through to get to the cap point. Not only is it RCTF which makes it twice as easy but the map (the bases, atleast) is really quite small. Couple with the extended flag time.. well i know you wanted it to be easy to cap the flag but....

On a 180 turn i also think the small corridors into the capture zone room/area are narrow and probably too easily camped by a medic heavy combo?

I can't say for sure without playing it with other players but i get these impressions running through it.


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Sep 6, 2008
The main thing that really really bothered me were the garish "no intel" signs. The best solution to me would seem to be either making them visible only to the intel-carrier or making them wall decals, so as to not uglify your pretty little map. :3

As obviously gorgeous as your map is, the one other thing that bothered me was the skybox looked a bit splotchy at the top. Maybe you could have a look at that, ja?