August 2016 Showcase

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    Remember these? That's right, it's time for the next installment of our monthly* showcase map inductions! I'm very impressed by how many quality maps have been produced in such a short definitely-30-days span. So many maps that I've probably lost track of a few! Let's cut the intro short and jump in, because we've got a lot of ground to cover.

    cp_shelter, by Muddy, takes Gravelpit's gamemode and turns it symmetrical. Teams fight for control of two snow-laden middle points before making a push into the enemy team's final point. A good map for deathmatching!

    cp_reckoner, by Phi, is probably the quickest-adopted map in competitive TF2 history, getting playtime in the DreamHack Summer 2016 Finals and in the international gaming convention Insomnia58! It features 5 control points in a unique modern-industrial theme.

    , by Freyja, is the 1st place winner of our 12th major contest, the Dynamic CP Contest. Sulfur features a unique take on Steel's gamemode, with one fewer points and a final point that operates on a KotH timer. The detailing takes Suijin's much-loved theme and sprinkles a little industrial and tech spice on top.

    koth_occult, by Fubar, is truly a masterclass in dealing with Source's worst enemy (water). Occult has teams fighting for ownership over a mysterious enchanted yellow ball discovered in a cave system.

    cp_hadal, by Jusa and Fubar, took 2nd place in the Dynamic CP Contest with another remix on Steel's gamemode. Following Fubar's apparent attachment to water and low elevations, Hadal is set in an industrial complex many leagues under the sea.

    koth_forge, by Tekku and Bakscratch, takes Foundry's theme and brings it to a unique KotH layout, both teams fighting for control of a bridge in the middle of a dense factory complex.

    cp_alloy, by Yrr and Phi, takes the contest's 3rd place. If you've ever wondered what it would look like if Gravelpit and Steel had a child together (because I know I certainly have), Alloy can make that specific fantasy come true. It's even set in a facility that literally produces steel!

    And there you have it! Another round-up of excellent maps from the community. Keep an eye out for the upcoming 7.2 Hour Contest, which starts in just 11 days!

    *Looking at you, TF comics.
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    Housekeeping notes: While Eros and Abyss were not a part of this showcase, we will be keeping an eye on them for future showcases. Abyss appears to still be under development, and we want Eros to get more playtime before making a decision on it.
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    Some nice maps you got there, hope they can find themselves in the game
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    Only took me just under two years (not counting many, many years of off-camera practice) but I finally did it. feelsgoodman.jpg
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    Only took me 8 years to actually produce a map that's worthy enough to be showcased \o/ :cool:
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    Totally not a long time.