Attention, Cowards

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    There are some words that, if I have to use them to describe a man, mean that man is dead to me. Also to everybody else. Because I will kill that man. One of those words is "hatless". The other is "coward".

    I gave you mercs one simple thing to do: Defend Mann Co. from an unstoppable robot horde. Now Bidwell's telling me some of you are abandoning the fight in the middle of attacks. Firstly: What am I even paying you in found money that falls out of robots for?</span>

    Secondly — actually, put this first, it's more important — I am coming for you.</span>

    But thirdly, Bidwell's drummed up some penalties for any coward he catches running away from the frontlines. If any of you cowards out there find these penalties too harsh, don't worry about it, because see Point #1 (I am coming for you). Whatever penalties you get will seem like a day at the Being Afraid store (or wherever it is cowards like to shop) when I get my big angry hands on your beady little heads.


    For more information, visit the updated Mann vs. Machine FAQ.

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    Was this really a big issue?
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    I guess? I notice it's Mann Up only, and in that case it's fair enough to punish people who not only spoil another's game expreience, but one they paid for.