Attack/Defend Maps.

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    I started on a attack defend map because I got frustrated with my old projeckt and I felt bad for tortureing you guys on game days. So I decided to make a FUN map for a change. If I could get some tips for Attack/Defend maps specificly that would be sweet.

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    You should have at least two *kinds* of entrance to a given control point area. Such as one that takes a while but gives good vantage and one that's more direct but spammy, or one that's really small and comes out at a distance and a big nearby one. Also, bypasses for early points are a generally good idea.
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    I am in the proccess of making two a/d cp maps, so I will write here some of the things I learned, I hope it helps. Remember, this is not instructions. It's just what I think.

    (get a few cool ideas for cp's, or some other things you want to do or see how they work)

    Use other maps for seeing what is good and what isn't. Use your favorite Valve maps (or community ones) and look at them- how are they designed? what's good? what isn't? try to take the good things you want, and avoid/improve the bad ones.

    Plan the cp area. Usually it's an open area or a very big room, but it doesn't have to be so. Remember that around the point threre would be a lot of fighting and you don't want spamming to be too effective. (play the map itemtest with another 15 bots/bored to death human beings to see what you don't want to do)

    Plan the cp. Think of sniper sightlines, of course. The point should be a bit protected so you could defend it, but also open, so you can attack it as well. There are two ways of defending: Standing and placing sentries on the point to shoot at the upcoming BLU team, or standing and placing sentries around it, to shoot at the point. For example, think of how to defend dustbowl's 2,2 (not standing on the point, but being around it, around corners, on top of the big wooden building's balcony, etc), compared to dustbowl's 1,2 (standing on the point, spamming up the stairs towards where BLU team comes from usually).

    Think of the gameplay: a single heavy/sentry should never be able to cover the whole play area, but there should always be a few good setry spots. Give health for defenders, they really need it. Usually put it in the area behind the cp, where they'll fall back to if they can't hold the cp anymore.

    Place your enterances and exits: the cp area should usually have 3 enterances for BLU and 2-3 enterances for RED, but you can put a different number of each of them. BLU's enterances are much more important to gameplay. BLU must have some way to flank the cp, or continue attacking if one path is blocked by RED. Also remember: Today's RED enterances are tommorow's BLU exits.
    Don't make too many BLU enterances, or too many enterance directions! RED can't defend when BLU is everywhere. Don't make too few, or one sentry/player will easily make attacking fustrating. cp_orange is the perfect bad example: in "mid" enemies can come from left, right, bottom, the other bottom, top, top-left... the only way to "defend it" is with sentries-inhuman machines that calculate all the places and can aim automaticly. Not that you need to defend it, though. No team wants to own that wierd orange tower...

    In a standard map, NEVER make one of BLU's enterances behind the point (where RED's enterance is). BLU players should be able to get behind RED only if they are really good, using invis watches/good disguise or walking up a really long cp flank, like in gorge's last, putting themselves in great danger.

    Here's what I can think of now, I might add more later. Good luck!

    EDIT 1: remember to make height variations. It's more interesting gameplay-wise, and more fun to play. Put the point higher than its suroundings (G-pit last), or lower (gorge's last). Just don't exaggerate like I did once...
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