Attack and Defend / PASS time hybrid

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    I was wondering if this would work as a concept.

    Before I make the effort into making a map in this gamemode (which I think will be very interesting), i was questioning if it would work as a concept. I feel like it might lead to a server of just bum rushing scouts against nesting engineers. Do you think that even if the defending base lacks ammo/metal or if there are multiple goals to defend there will still be this issue?

    Also, would hogging the ball be an issue? A player might want to walk the ball all the way into the goal and get bodied by a sentry, then the ball will just be camped by the enemy (however, I may be able to fix that with a bit of logic). Is there any way to encourage passing between teammates? maybe make areas purposely difficult to navigate as scout, the most popular class?

    Also, just for the heck of it, how would you feel about medieval pass time? I feel like that has the possibility of being VERY fun, especially with how much positivity degrootkeep has been receiving.

    I would love to hear your responses! Have a good day!
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    I imagine it wouldn't be too different from attack/defend CTF hybrid, which was quite a severe case of scout rushing and sentry spam. Passing is already well encouraged since it gives whoever you pass it to a speed boost and temporary invuln, though maybe you're talking more about for the benefit of the one throwing it.

    I don't think having the ball be camped by an enemy will be a big issue either, since pass balls and CTF flags alike respawn when on the ground for too long.

    Not so sure about medieval pass time though... Then again, everyone plays demoknight in pass time anyway so it's not a big change.