Asymmetric 5CP: How to do it?

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    I had a possibly stupid map idea:

    A traditional 5CP-both-sides-can-cap map (like Granary & co.), set on a hill. RED holds the top of the hill, BLU the bottom. Otherwise, it's more or less a standard 5CP map.

    How hard is it to balance such a map? How would you go about balancing such a map?

    Luc "Unbalanced" French
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    Extensiiiiive playtesting. You have to make sure ammo and health is placed fairly on both sides, you have to make sure not one side has a greater advantage over the other at the mid and between each corresponding point for both sides, you have to make sure spawn times are adjusted correctly for battle to happen in the right spots on BOTH sides of the map... honestly, it's a real headache, and it's why mappers usually choose to mirror the map. BUT, if you really feel like trying this, then go ahead. I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm just saying it's usually very difficult (and probably not a good type of map to start your career with).
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    The only way to balance assymmetrical maps is to make sure both sides at least have the same number of opportunities. Having a map that is horizontally assymmetrical is one thing, at least you can balance the number of height advantages and "corner bombing" advantages (where you can shoot around corners to the left more proficiently because of player weapon orientation). Vertically is a totally difference matter though as height differences are such a significant aspect of TF2 gameplay. If one team is always fighting uphill it will constantly be at a disadvantage that you cannot balance by conventional means.

    To counter such advantages you'd need to do something like increase one teams spawn wave pentalty to account for the greater casualties they'll likely endure, but that causes other gameplay issues that can be exploited during gameplay by (passive) class perks.

    There are so many nuances involved it's difficult to say there's absolutely no way to balance this, but i can say it'll be near impossible.
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    You need to ensure both sides are equivalent. With asymmetrical layout, this means balancing different advantages. The problem with that is the nonexistence of a conversion method - how many hammer units height advantage for one team equals how many extra healthpacks for the other team etc. so you have to be quite experienced at balancing.
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    When I saw "Asymmetric 5CP" I thought it was referring to a Steel style A/D map.

    Asymmetry in a standard Control Point map will be time-consuming to make and very hard to balance even without one team having a height advantage.
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    The only way for it to really work would be to make teams switching sides mandatory and only end the map after (multiples of) two rounds.
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    If you really want to do it, you could try taking cues from TC maps.