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Assignment Frenzy #5: Vote

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Ravidge, Aug 30, 2011.


Pick your favorites

  1. Quaternion

  2. Sergis

  3. Snacks

  4. Tech

  5. Terwonick

  6. Thekieranator

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Ravidge

    aa Ravidge Grand Vizier

    Positive Ratings:
    Voting time!

    Above is a MULTI-CHOICE poll, select all the entries you think deserve to win this time. Once you've made your vote you can NOT edit or update you choice, so make sure you've made up your mind before you hit that button!
    Please do not vote for you own entry.

    I strongly recommend playing a few rounds on each map in-game.

    Voting closes: Sunday 4th (Sept) 21:00 UTC [Link to show corresponding local times]

    [Click here to download all the AF#5 maps] 15.5mb
    [Click here to view all screenshots]

    Author Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Download
    Quaternion (*) Screenshot Screenshot Download
    Sergis Screenshot Screenshot Download
    Snacks Screenshot Screenshot Download
    Tech Screenshot Screenshot Download
    Terwonick (*) Screenshot Screenshot Download
    Thekieranator Screenshot Screenshot Download

    (*) = Entries do not follow the naming scheme that was required. Entries are however valid. Vote tally for these entries are halved at final count.

    Here's a list of the map filenames, so people can load them easier on the servers: (they're uploaded and ready)


    Point scoring:

    • All the entries that managed to place in the top 33%* will get 1 point. The #1 entry gets 2 points.
      If first place is tied between 3 or less entries, each of these gets 2 points. If first place is tied to 4 or more entries, no one gets 2 points.​
      If the cutoff point at 33%* is unclear due to tied scores; All entries tied will receive 1 point, as long as the point receiving subset is <50% of the number of entries. If larger than 50%, none of the tied entries receive any points.​
      *it's not always possible to divide the number of entries into thirds (33%), the closest approximation that yields a integer will be used in these cases.​
    • Participating in voting threads earns you points.
      Voted in 3 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
      Voted in 6 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
      Voted in 9 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
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  2. LeSwordfish

    aa LeSwordfish semi-trained quasi-professional

    Positive Ratings:
    Not voted yet but:

    Sergis: Pretty cool. I liked the way you could see a clear theme, the layout was clear, and there was enough but not too much hp and ammo. Loads of the ramps were too steep though, and there were funny little gaps by the side of the wood ramps. Fun fact: EVERY round i went in that direction at the start, i fell down that gap. EVERY SINGLE ROUND. They were good for axtinguisher kills though. MAY VOTE

    Kieranator: Layout was a bit oversimple, with too much focus away from the point. The outside areas were a bit overscaled. And don't think we didn't recognise those hydrosheilds because we could only see the top of them. Also: no custom content is on bad form. Not bad though; needs some work but worth continuing with?

    Terwonick: Eh. can't say i like the massive deathpits or the way it's cramped and not particularly fun to play in. Plus, i don't like the random thin walls.

    Snacks: Pretty cool. A bit tall maybe, but i like the layout as a basic. MAY VOTE

    Tech: Need to play more, but liking what i'm seeing so far. I have a few issues though- the main ones being that, like several others, it's pointlessly tall, and the locked-off central area becomes a massive no-go area for half the game. MAY VOTE, SHOULD PLAY MORE

    Not played any of the others yet.
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  3. Sergis

    aa Sergis L666: ])oo]v[

    Positive Ratings:
    Quaternion: Cool map. The low skybox ceiling is annoying tho. Not sure if piles if goo where you can run into on accident is a good idea on arena, but in playtests they weren't a problem. Voted.

    : Okay map. I don't really enjoy the open flatness of outdoor areas. The reflective windows look a bit odd being that big and close to players. Overall I expected more from an undercover Valve employee :p

    : Fun map. I like the little highground ledges giving the high ground, yet providing zero cover from enemies below. The cap area being a trap until cap unlocks is annoying tho. I know I should engage my brain and not go there, but as a TF2 player I feel obliged to go exactly where the map author did not intend me to go. Voted.

    : Dark map. The lack of light is my main annoyance. TF2 is much brighter than that. I like the scoutjumpable gap on the sides. Having to turn around right as you spawn is annoying. I have spawns facing wrong way too, but my map has more a gradual turn instead of instant 180. When you fall into the pit, there's visible nodraws all under the playable area.

    The Kieranator
    : Unpacked map :p I think the pink checkers is what buried your map as they are everywhere. The timed elevators are a bit annoying to wait for, I think they would be better off rising when someone steps on them. Also they sometimes push players into floor instead of crushing them. Spawning players in such an open area isnt really a good idea considering all the sticky and rocket jumpers that can get a direct LoS to other team before the freezetime is over.
  4. TheKieranator

    TheKieranator L6: Sharp Member

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    After my two week hiatus I return to TF2Maps.net and find out that the assignments are on hold indefinitely! D:

    I am confused that there were p+b checkers considering I did put the map through Pakrat. I probably won't continue with it.