Assignment Frenzy #3: Voting

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  1. Ravidge

    aa Ravidge Grand Vizier

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    Voting time!

    Only 3 people dared to enter this time. It seems modeling is not something the majority wants to deal with or pursue in any shape or form. So let's get the voting over with so the next assignment can begin!

    Above is a MULTI-CHOICE poll, select all the entries you think deserve to win this time. Once you've made your vote you can NOT edit or update you choice, so make sure you've made up your mind before you hit that button!
    Please do not vote for you own entry.

    I strongly recommend checking out the models in-game.

    Voting closes: Friday 12th (August) 21:00 UTC [Link to show corresponding local times]

    [Click here to download the AF#3 & #4 Showcase map!] 12mb
    [Click here to view all screenshots]
    [Click here to download all model files] 2mb

    Author Screenshot #1 Download
    aly Screenshot Download
    ravidge Screenshot Download
    sgt frag Screenshot Download


    Point scoring:

    • All the entries that managed to place in the top 33%* will get 1 point. The #1 entry gets 2 points.
      If first place is tied between 3 or less entries, each of these gets 2 points. If first place is tied to 4 or more entries, no one gets 2 points.​
      If the cutoff point at 33%* is unclear due to tied scores; All entries tied will receive 1 point, as long as the point receiving subset is <50% of the number of entries. If larger than 50%, none of the tied entries receive any points.​
      *it's not always possible to divide the number of entries into thirds (33%), the closest approximation that yields a integer will be used in these cases.​
    • Participating in voting threads earns you points.
      Voted in 3 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
      Voted in 6 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
      Voted in 9 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
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  2. Sgt Frag

    Sgt Frag L14: Epic Member

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    Thanks for putting this on anyway Ravidge, was a fun little project anyway.

    I'll be updating soon with stuff to finish out the pack. Namely film rolls and canisters. And tightening it up a bit.

    Congrats on your entry, Nice complete pack for a street/park scene.
  3. Pocket

    aa Pocket Ya like Jazz?

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    Heh, Ravidge's props and Grazr's materials would be a great start for an "urban pack".
  4. Freyja

    aa Freyja It hurt itself in it's confusion!

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    Wow, mine is crap in comparison!

    Oh well. At least I learned something! :)

    Voted for the two that weren't mine. They were both excellent.
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  5. Leminnes

    aa Leminnes

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    I like your's, Aly, but I feel like it belongs in a different game. Like Okami or something.
  6. purequaternion

    purequaternion L3: Member

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    Aly: at first I found the "leaves" a bit absurd but kinda fell in love with them in that cel-shading caractiture kinda way. I would love to have seen a BLU skin to go with them, even though cherry blossoms aren't blue. This would be especially useful for the various people (myself included) who have been attempting Japanese style stuff.

    Ravidge: I probably liked the lamp and fire hydrant the best. It would've been nice to see the lamp with actual light to get a sense of how it would be used. The hydrant: same as my comment for Aly. I think a BLU skin might work too.

    Sgt. Frag: Loved yours. I was a bit curious about the lack of film the moment I can't remember if that's another model somewhere. If not, you might consider making a version with that or a standalone spool. Like the others, I think some team specific skinning would be a nice addition, especially with the screen.

    Overall fantastic stuff, and far superior to the stuff I didn't finish :)
  7. Sgt Frag

    Sgt Frag L14: Epic Member

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    thanks pure. film is (was) planned but i only got those 2 done 5 minutes before deadline.

    @Aly, I ditto what Leminnes said. Maybe a bit too low/poly res for TF2, but in a game where everything had that look they'd be great. The main thing that I noticed is that it seems like the branches in the leaves come from the wrong places. If you rotate them so the y's split off from actual braches it would fix that.
  8. possiblylethal

    possiblylethal L1: Registered

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    Voted ravidge and sgt frag.

    Aly, interesting decision to go with a tree and i liked that. The brown in the trunk caught my eye and the pink was a nice addition to the typically brown/grey/orange/green/blue of tf2. However, it seemed to not quite fit the style of tf2.

    Ravidge, fire hydrant and lamp post were the ones i liked best and i could see myself using each of those models to add variation to my map. Also props for having more models then the other contestants.

    Sgt Frag, both models look very well made. I could totally see them being used as details in a room you cant access but just look in on.