Assignment Frenzy #2: Voting

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Who managed to make a magnificent tunnel? Pick all your favorites

  1. aboojumsnark

  2. aly

  3. elementboi

  4. frozen

  5. godslayer57

  6. omnomnick

  7. prestige

  8. ritz

  9. sergis

  10. tyker

  11. wastedmeerkat

  12. yacan1

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Ravidge

    aa Ravidge Grand Vizier

    Positive Ratings:
    Voting time!

    A total of 12 entries! This time the task was to make something magnificent :)
    Above is a MULTI-CHOICE poll, select all the entries you think deserve to win this time. Once you've made your vote you can NOT edit or update you choice, so make sure you've made up your mind before you hit that button!
    Please do not vote for you own entry.

    I strongly recommend checking out the maps in-game.

    Voting closes: Thursday 28st (July) 21:00 UTC [Link to show corresponding local times]

    [Click here to download ALL maps at once] 47mb
    [Click here to view all screenshots]


    Point scoring:

    • All the entries that managed to place in the top 33%* will get 1 point. The #1 entry gets 2 points.
      If first place is tied between 3 or less entries, each of these gets 2 points. If first place is tied to 4 or more entries, no one gets 2 points.​
      If the cutoff point at 33%* is unclear due to tied scores; All entries tied will receive 1 point, as long as the point receiving subset is <50% of the number of entries. If larger than 50%, none of the tied entries receive any points.​
      *it's not always possible to divide the number of entries into thirds (33%), the closest approximation that yields a integer will be used in these cases.​
    • Participating in voting threads earns you points.
      Voted in 3 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
      Voted in 6 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
      Voted in 9 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
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  2. Prestige

    aa Prestige im not gay anymore

    Positive Ratings:
    boojum = amazing. flawless. awsum. winner. hey i just got the joke with the thing i was following. make a thread telling us your secrets!
    aly: short and sweet. nice detailing. not much to see
    elementboi: missing a couple textures (one on the carpet and the thing behind the dancers). nice detailing. not sure if the swan is supposed to move beyond the place where you get on.
    fr0z3n: there's a nice wall and the elevator is neat. short.
    godslayer: boat needs to explode imo. k
    omnomnick: another small one. well-textured. not much to see really. aly's goes up and down at least.
    ritz: nicely detailed and textured. very short. that was a mean, i kept dying :(
    sergis: very small and flat. nicely detailed and textured.
    tyker: amazing fun. designed around the atomizer maybe? could make a pretty awesome, little, fun, easy jump map for scout. demo:
    meerkat: "heh" pretty creative, was fun. wish it was longer.
    yacan1: too many textures imo, and it was pretty short. the roof should have been one texture for the most part with a few corrugated metals or whatever thrown on. nvm about the fullbright stuff. went back and played it again. i like the general idea of it. it'd be awesome of the texturing was more consistent and better and if you could go into the buildings. also the tunnel needs to be centered!
    prestige: spend more time working next time idiot. BTW SHOOT THE GLASS IN THE POOL THIS IS THE DOOR (and shoot the table, the map, the bars in the window, and some of the gold pieces). doing it as scout is the easiest and least-frustrating.
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  3. Fr0Z3nR

    aa Fr0Z3nR Creator of blackholes & memes. Destroyer of forums

    Positive Ratings:
    Excellent tunnels. ABS and Tyker clearly did well. Meerkats was interesting...

    I also REALLY suggest you take a look through all of them.
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  4. Freyja

    aa Freyja ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Positive Ratings:
    Boojum: Just fun. Creative. A bit jumpy. Crazy. A window into your mind and creative entity work. Love it!

    Elementboi: It's a nice concept. And fun. But the missing textures ruin the aptmosphere. Nice job, though.

    Frozen: Nice detailing. But it's a bit unexciting. But it looks nice! Death was a bit brutal though.

    Godslayer: A bit slow, there wasn't much there except for the very well made boat!

    Omnomnick: It looks very nice! Not much to really say. Looks good, though :D

    Prestige: It kept killing me. That was annoying. And everything was square and felt unfinished.Glad it had the badlands spire. I wanted that somewhere. Sad face was funny too.
    Nice and creative.

    Ritz: Looks nice, fun, one of the better looking ones at that. Well done.

    Sergis: Looks incredible, but short and a bit boring. Nice all the same.

    Tyker: Creative. Challenging. Ending is crazy. Well done.

    Wasted: My eyes ._. :D Nice.

    Yacan: Nice job! It was interesting, but a square box. Needed something more interesting to it. If that makes sense
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  5. littleedge

    aa littleedge L1111: Clipping Guru

    Positive Ratings:
    Many of you would have gotten my vote if you made your tunnel longer. Off the top of my head, I know Frozen would have.

    Sergis, you narrowly got my vote. Make it a bit bigger next time! The detail snagged my checkmark though.

    Snark, of course you'd win. You always win these. Especially since it's not a contest where you have to make a map.

    Tyker, haha. Neat.
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  6. A Boojum Snark

    aa A Boojum Snark Toraipoddodezain Mazahabado

    Positive Ratings:
    aly: nice underground

    godslayer: the best part was the boat but it was too dark to see it plus you were on top of it.

    sergis: the screenshot had me impressed back when you posted it, but once ingame I recognized the use of automatic displacement functions which lowered my impression. Still neat looking enough to get a vote.

    tyker: interesting and fun, demo in your PM box as requested. Got my vote for not being a standard detailed tunnel, even if it was actually a bunch of tunnels instead of a continuous link.

    meerkat: very clever maze, despite short, but you should have done fake fullbright with custom unlitgeneric materials because....

    yacan: it was neat but because you are the only one after meerkat, everyone is going to think your map is fullbright which it isn't. meerkat's has no lighting so the engine enables fullbright, and that persists to yours and nobody will recognize that fact like I did. :( I liked it though... reminded me of some movie that had an underground city thing... maybe it was Ratatouille? Dunno.
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  7. English Mobster

    English Mobster L6: Sharp Member

    Positive Ratings:
    ABS: Your map scared the shit out of me. I took off my headphones after the first ghost appeared and didn't remember to put them back on until I began recording the demo for Tyker. I was playing as Scout, but couldn't make that final(?) jump into the white doorway. Was I supposed to go Soldier and rocket jump into it? Or was I supposed to use FaN/Atomizer? Either way, your secrets, I must know them!

    Aly: The map was very... plain. I fell off the side of it at the very beginning, expecting there to be a skybox or noclip. The elevator was a nice touch.

    Elementboi: Checkerboards! Your opening space was a bit cramped. The Swan's collision was a bit weird; I kept phasing through it. Don't know if that was intentional or not. The dancers seemed as if their collision was too big.

    Frozen: Your detailing, while nice, was only along one wall. It was a bit distracting to have one wall being eye-catching whilst the other looked very plain.

    Godslayer: Not much there except for your boat (which I fell out of and had a hard time getting back in). The ending had dev textures; this could have been easily solved!

    Om Nom Nick: There was a lot to look at in such a small hallway; it looked cluttered. I think the major problem with this one is due to how TF2 only puts detail in important areas; you sprinkled the entire thing with detail, making it all look... wrong. I don't know. Perhaps it's just me.

    Prestige: The room felt square and empty for such a large space; I couldn't get your opening door to work for the life of me!

    Rtiz: Kept me on my toes, although I was a bit confused at the end when the train killed me without me being anywhere near it.

    Sergis: Nice brushwork! It seemed a little dark, though.

    Tyker: Creative! Took me about 20 minutes to get through; I'm a bad jumper. I made a demo, as per your request. I'll have it up in about 20 minutes, once it's done rendering and I can upload it to Dropbox.

    Wasted Meerkat: A bit plain, although I suppose that was the intention. I got lost at the beginning, but after that I didn't fare TOO badly.

    Yacan: Interesting. Felt a bit like TF2 Brazil.
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  8. Leminnes

    aa Leminnes

    Positive Ratings:
    I swear to god, booj. You better make a full game like that. I'd play the SHIT out of it.
  9. tyler

    aa tyler snail prince, master of a ruined tower

    Positive Ratings:
    ABS: wow

    aly: too short :[

    elementboi: ballerinas were great

    frozen: i like when the platform falls in, but i was already dead when it happened

    prestige: make my respawn wave time 0 you dope

    ritz: i like the broken tiles a lot

    doom: great brushwork, really beautiful. wish it was longer, can see why it isnt

    tyker: fun, sometimes annoying (the early stuff mostly). finalway_tyker was good

    wasted: really awesome work here
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  10. pockypencils

    pockypencils L1: Registered

    Positive Ratings:
    aboojumsnark, sergis, and tyker

    aboojumsnark's had a good atmosphere and good spook elements that made me jump. Well-done map, no clipping, no problems with textures or lights, or timing. I didn't get stuck anywhere. I didn't know, at first, what I was following, all I saw was eyes, but then I finally saw that it was a crab. Especially after watching the latest Marble Hornets and being in that mindset, abjoo's map had a very nice atmosphere filled with whispery scariness. I vote for this for its atmosphere.

    sergis's map was beautifully done. The textures were fantastic and it reminded me a lot of Amnesia:tDD. I wanted to see much more. The little candle was a nice touch, the lighting was great and there were no messy seams or problems with textures. I vote for this for its visual impact and details.

    tyker's map was simple in look but abundant in good platforming. It was confusing at first whether hitting the gray at all would send me back ALL the time or if I could walk on the gray, but I figured it out. The platforming ranged from easy to hard. The only problem I had was that I died going down the rainbow tunnel and it sent me all the way back to the beginning, which pissed me off and made me noclip to the point I died at to continue. Maybe a save-point in the middle, since this map is so long. I vote for this for the gameplay.
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  11. Icarus

    aa Icarus

    Positive Ratings:
    ...what the hell, Boojum?
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  12. Tom Hoen

    Tom Hoen L6: Sharp Member

    Positive Ratings:
    My entry has been disqualified due to:
    - more than 2 props in the map. Had 3.


    I realized my mistake with the props after a good night sleep. I woke up ~2hours ago and then it was already too late to make any changes. I actually was going to PM Ravidge to disqualifie me after I woke up but he had realized it before I had. BUT I would appreciate if someone could download my map and give some feedback based on these assigment 2 rules, ignoring one additional prop.

    I've learned so much from these two assigments. The second particularly tought me how important brushes can be and props usually are just eye candy. Mapper can create so much simply using brushes. I also learned some new techniques, for example how to use vertex manipulator correctly and how to set up sounds. The first one was inspirational and based on feedback I now know how thick roofs should be and how NOT to do mining map.

    I'll sure try to play all of these assigment 2 maps and give feedback!

    [​IMG] my entry. This map can't be voted!
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  13. Tekku

    aa Tekku

    Positive Ratings:
    Maps i voted for are colored green.

    Boojum: A really creative entry, not just a plain tunnel, but an interesting, playable adventure which can be replayed more and more. Probably i've missed some secrets so will look forward for a walkthrough.

    Aly: Despite of it being a bit short, i really enjoyed running through it, was nicely detailed, not many details, just enough, considering the prop limit. Also, square candles! :p

    Elementboi: The idea about a love tunnel is neat, but the fact that you've forgot to pack custom materials makes me sad, also both, starting area and ending area are cramped.

    Frozen: Except for a simple tunnel, there's nothing to see, really plain, could have done better, also elevator ride was short, doors shiny :p And the ending room wasn't really special too.

    Godslayer: Really plain, idea isn't really great too, just a boat sailing through a tunnel, might have added something that would make me ooah.

    Nick: You're bad at displacements!!! Anyways random leafs in the starting area on the ground, without a tree near :p Tunnel was plain, overdetailed for such little thing, also the usage of pipes is bad.

    Prestige: Sadface is sad :( Quite big, interesting, but a bit plain, died a few times in the spike place, then found out there's more, died out there later on.

    Rtiz: Really like the train station, quite detailed, trains were annoying though :p Killed me a few times, while i was searching for the ending room.

    Sergis: Really short, but good looking, dark as your AF1 entry, might be me again. Also, doesn't remind me about Latvia, BAD!

    Tyker: Since i've been a jump map fan a few years ago, i enjoyed it, was fun, not easy, but not hard, would've record a demo, but i was lazy.

    Wasted: Ah you, had fun on this one, specially searching for exit in the white room, and getting stuck near an invisible wall, but still a exciting entry.

    Yacan: A cool indoor tunnel with buildings, might have added something special though.
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  14. Sergis

    aa Sergis L666: ])oo]v[

    Positive Ratings:
    to everyone saying my map was short - I know but I couldn't make it bigger because I'm at the displacement limit as it is. I actually had to cut down on detail a little bit and keep the entry and exit sections undetailed to get the map to compile :p
  15. clayton

    clayton L1: Registered

    Positive Ratings:
    it says i've voted... but i haven't. if someone can fix this, i was intending to vote for aboojumsnark and wastedmeerkat. good work all.

    it put me in mind of max payne 2. anyone else?
  16. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick L6: Sharp Member

    Positive Ratings:
    My votes:

    Aly: A nice, simple design which fits pretty well with the existing TF2 theme. And the 'change of direction' is a nice feature too :)

    Frozen: An interesting concept, done well. The way you've focused detailing primarily to one side of the tunnel really brings attention to it, without overdoing it.

    Ritz: Another simple concept executed really well.

    Sergis: I love the way you've been able to add such detail while only using a single texture for most walls, it just shows that with the correct attention to detail, depth and scale can be added in such a simplistic way.
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  17. Faux Rhinoceros

    aa Faux Rhinoceros Also known as Dr. Element

    Positive Ratings:
    Oh SNAP!!!

    i was sure i had packed that thing up :bored:

    I updated it now btw.... So if anyone want to see what you were SUPPOSED to see, go ahead :)
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2011
  18. Godslayer57

    Godslayer57 L8: Fancy Shmancy Member

    Positive Ratings:
    It seems I am greatly outclassedby everyone else.....maybe I should of had the boat do flips instead of a nice gentle ride down the river thing.....
  19. Faux Rhinoceros

    aa Faux Rhinoceros Also known as Dr. Element

    Positive Ratings:
    Your boat was freaking awesome! But the rest was boring. Thats the thing.

    Btw, if anyone had trouble with the swan in my map, you are supposed to WAIT for it to come.
    Also, if anyone would like to see my entry without checkmarks without downloading again, i made a walkthrough:
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  20. Pocket

    aa Pocket func_croc

    Positive Ratings:
    Once you get onto the last platform, it starts moving toward the doorway by itself.