Assignment Frenzy #1: Voting

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Pick your favorites (multiple-choice)

  1. anova

  2. dabp

  3. dark

  4. drwrench

  5. godslayer57

  6. grazr

  7. jetti

  8. locnlol

  9. locutus

  10. mickanator

  11. plipplop

  12. ritz

  13. sergis

  14. tomhoen

  15. tyker

  16. ym

  17. zhan

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  1. Ravidge

    aa Ravidge Grand Vizier

    Positive Ratings:
    Voting time!

    A total of 17 entries for a almost unscheduled quick-fire contest is a huge success. Now comes the time to vote.
    Above is a MULTI-CHOICE poll, pick your favorites. Once you've made your vote you can NOT edit or update you choice, so make sure you've made up your mind before you hit that button!
    You may vote for your own entry, but I will remove those votes in the final tally (I wish I could just stop you from the beginning).

    I strongly recommend checking out the maps in-game.

    Voting closes: Thursday 21st (July) 21:00 UTC [Link to show corresponding local times]

    [Click here to download ALL maps at once] 56mb
    [Click here to view all screenshots]


    Point scoring:

    • All the entries that managed to place in the top 33%* will get 1 point. The #1 entry gets 2 points.
      If first place is tied between 3 or less entries, each of these gets 2 points. If first place is tied to 4 or more entries, no one gets 2 points.​
      If the cutoff point at 33%* is unclear due to tied scores; All entries tied will receive 1 point, as long as the point receiving subset is <50% of the number of entries. If larger than 50%, none of the tied entries receive any points.​
      *it's not always possible to divide the number of entries into thirds (33%), the closest approximation that yields a integer will be used in these cases.
      Assignment #1 has 17 entries; the cutoff will be at ~35,2941%​
    • Participating in voting threads earns you points.
      Voted in 3 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
      Voted in 6 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
      Voted in 9 separate assignment frenzy voting threads = +1 point​
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  2. Prestige

    aa Prestige im not gay anymore

    Positive Ratings:
    anova: didn't have a lot of detail for a detailing assignment, seemed unfinished, just wasn't a lot there.
    dabp: <3 the rain at night and the whole thing was very nice. skybox was a little bland.
    dark: no chair on top the tower? where will i sit?
    dr wrench: wow, a lot going on. didn't like the yellow rails, but other than that, it had some interesting areas. something about how busy it was, i dunno.
    godslayer57: looks great, but i need a little more. not much going on atm. i see a lot of potential for more cool stuff.
    grazr: well-done, nice rocks + displacements, creative idea. good work.
    jetti: wow, you took the mining theme very literal, and put me right in the mines. i really like it.
    locnlol: i see 2 buildings, with 2 rails on either side of them, some train carts and a grassy patch in the middle, and some trees, not much else - though it looks pretty good.
    locutus: the displacement hill is way too unrealistic with how bumpy it is and some of the texturing and geometry is kind of bland. i generally like the scene though.
    mickanator: was pretty bland overall, but well-done. i didn't notice the bird was fake until a few mins after looking at it :(
    plipplop: really, really, good. cool geometry + idea.
    ritz: very well done, waterfall, the crystals, and everything looks amazing.
    sergis: heavy dying from the freezing cold? was very cozy, i didn't want to leave :(
    tomhoen: little too much fog, felt like it was a tad underdetailed in some places, but overall pretty good.
    tyker: awesome. not much else to say. amazing work. prolly my favorite.
    ym: pretty good, it's basically just a giant building with some giant rocks so it's kinda cramped with not much else.
    zhan: very good, nice and cozy. i'd live there.

    I hope this feedback from someone who has never detailed before was useful.
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  3. tyler

    aa tyler snail prince, master of a ruined tower

    Positive Ratings:
    anova: empty, uncentered cap model, telephone wires that dont make sense. buildings feel like dev buildings.
    dabp: great use of the barbed wire, wish there was more to it
    dark: pretty nice, a little messy feeling, but overall good
    dr. wrench: i dont like the rails either. good work though, but feels kind of like portal in places. clever use of a 3d sky for a map in a pit
    godslayer: what's there looks good, but it's largely empty. good ideas with fairly well done execution that end up not making a scene so much as some things
    grazr: good attention to detail, which is obviously important. the hole looks like a puckered butthole though. there is a smoke trail blowing opposite the way that turning thing is going. not sure why you'd mine gross water.
    jetti: clever -- a side of tf2 that's really just hinted at in game. well executed i think
    locnlol: this certainly looks better than the other mostly content-less entries i've seen. i was going to do alpine mining before i gave up
    mickanator: dustbowl roofs. good idea for a facade (double silo) but the execution needs work.
    plipplop: beautiful, like snowy upward. i like the wide doors. the mine cart is too deep in the snow comparative to the track.
    ritz: good use of the giant hole idea. i like your displacement platforms with the crystals and little shack. i'm glad you made a teleporter.
    sergis: lots of cleverness here. looks great, but doesn't scream mining.
    tomhoen: cute, but lacking. agree on the fog.
    tyker: wow, this is very cool. the no dumping sign is great and the mine shaft is spectacular
    ym: feels like a 3d sky area. it's pretty well done, but there isn't a lot to look at, either.
    zhan: lovely work. maybe it's my computer but your detail sprites are floating. stairs are too steep to be realistic as far as tf2 is concerned.
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  4. clayton

    clayton L1: Registered

    Positive Ratings:
    nice work. especially dabp and ritz. i've got to learn this detailing lark..

    [edit: may i politely request for the next batch of assignment entries that info_observer_points be mandatory? :) cheers]
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  5. Ezekel

    Ezekel L11: Posh Member

    Positive Ratings:
    whilst in the end i chose sergis (the atmosphere combined with the log cabin sold it for me. i also like how it's nestled amongst the trees of the forest), i also really liked dabp's for the atmosphere and tyker's for the attention to detail + interesting structure (although i'd say that the roof might be a lil too thick).
    having said that, i didn't dislike any of them, and all of you: well done. nice detailing :)
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  6. DaBeatzProject

    aa DaBeatzProject

    Positive Ratings:
    My little list of thoughts..

    ANOVA: Not much to see? Where is the (fine) detail? Buildings look bland. Try extending your roofs a bit to the outside. No models. Displacements with NODRAW texture. No sounds.

    DABP: //

    DARK: Cool geometry, some stuff doesn't make sense (clock??). Displacements are very noisy and rough/messy. Snow on roofs have to be models or overlays, displacements look bad. No sounds.

    DRWRENCH: Weird ambient lighting. Odd, geometry. Ropes in 3Dsky are obviously way too thick. Some dev textures still visible. Boring square shape. No sounds.

    GODSLAYER57: Same as ANOVA, extend your roofs. What the f*** how many supports are that under your roofs? SOUND! Random water. Overal feels a little bland.

    GRAZR: Nice detailing, feels too square. Enough fine detailing (shrubs, rubble, props, ...). FFFFF those metal walls. Those underwater barrels are affected by a weird kind of fog. You stole the toilet from goldrush :) SOUND! Spectator camera!!

    JETTI: The real mine! Boring lighting (everything is lit the same way). Some lights without props that can actually cast the light. I would make a mine look darker. Nice spytech part. No sound.

    LOCNLOL: No fog, nothing to see. Basic blocks of buildings, no additional detail. Why did you make it mirrored? It looks really boring. No sound.

    LOCUTUS: Thick roofs, thick planks, ... Looks unfinished. Lighting angle doesn't match Skybox texture! No rotated textures, no fine detailing. Boring square shape(s). No sound.

    MICKANATOR: I like the silos+mining tracks. Dustbowl roof, can't be unseen. You have a nice looking detailed shack, but no entrance to it, or no way to look inside from eye level. Inside the big building is really bland. No sound.

    PLIPPLOP: Nice use of vertical space, Spectator Camera!! Try rotating your textures/experimenting with different combinations. Snow blend on bottom of cliff needs swapped alpha. Nice structures. SOUND!

    RITZ: Basic (boring) square shape. Try thinking outside the box. Why is there a pit with a waterfall? Nice crystals, but texture needs work. Original idea. Water needs bigger scale. Waterfall textures look bad in the shadow. You should have tried rotating the map 180 degrees. Sound! Spectator camera!

    SERGIS: Cool idea, I like the apres-ski hut. :) Floating icicle up in the air. Nice idea of the snow on the fence, badly executed. Sound would have made it 10 times better (cracking wood in the fire, cold wind outside, ...). Spectator Camera! No sound!

    TOMHOEN: An other square-hole-in-the-ground-map (see grazr, drwrench, ritz, ...). Thick roofs, bad textures. What's up with the fog man?? Not really impressive, sorry. No sound.

    TYKER: CUTE minecarts! :) Idea of moving platform is nice, but badly executed - ropes too thick as well. So are your roofs, they should be ~4 units thick, not 16. Interesting lighting. Sound!

    YM: Nice structures, good use of rocks. Badly lit props. No sound/spec cam YM!! Feels unpleasantly cramped in some places. Good looking overal. Where is conveyer number 01? :p

    ZHAN: Nice brushwork, good use of textures and shapes. Feels like a fine alpine mining scene. Sound + Spectator Camera!!
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  7. YM

    aa YM LVL100 YM

    Positive Ratings:
    In the other thread I requested people run it with mat_bumpmap 0. Had this been a real map I'd have edited the props to remove their normals (which stuff up their lighting)

    However recompiling them would have been way too much effort and a quick material only fix may have screwed up someone elses entry if my map was loaded before theirs.
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  8. Tom Hoen

    Tom Hoen L6: Sharp Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Thanks everyone for your comments. This was my second try to make something detailed looking in hammer. I take your critisism and remember them in the future.
  9. grazr

    aa grazr Old Man Mutant Ninja Turtle

    Positive Ratings:
    Old mines fill up with rain water/runoff; they're obviously not mining the water ;p Both the (2) smoke particles and the anometer are facing left of the truck when you spawn.

    Water has an internal fog setting in it's proxy settings, nothing i could control, at least not within the time limit. Also i made the toilet from scratch D: it was a good detail!
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  10. Steff0o

    Steff0o L6: Sharp Member

    Positive Ratings:
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  11. Sergis

    aa Sergis L666: ])oo]v[

    Positive Ratings:
    Anova - Underdetailed map. The wire shouldnt be going straight through the poles. Seeing as there is health, ammo and capplate, will this be an actual map?
    Beatz - Awesome. I demand you make a map with this theme. Really nice foliage. I wish the map had 3D sky to go with the rain. The blood in the entrance makes me wonder if the barbedwire is there to keep people out of the mine or to keep something in? Voted.
    Dark - Nice map. If you're going for seamless 3D sky, dont edit disps after you've made sky disps and up the lightmap scale on the sky displacements. The not-rotated texture on the railings makes them look a bit off. How and why is that clock and coffeepot up there? Voted.
    DrWrench - Too contrasty for my liking, made my eyes hurt a bit. You didn't place a cubemap in the map, resulting in pink windows. Why is one side a 3Dsky displacement? It doesn't receive world shadows, making it look ugly. Also, you should have used -staticproplighting.
    Godslayer - Ok map. I wish it had something more though. Some more interesting structures instead of uniformly repeating elements.
    Grazr - Nice map. Good job on the seamless 3D sky. I'm not a fan of the overall redness and the arch tho. The controversial metal wall texture is ok with me. The pit walls are a bit boring. Having some remains of elevator would be nice. Also, I have seen the exact same outhouse in Goldrush. Voted.
    Jetti - Nice mine. Could be more open so it's more like a scene. The fade distance is too short on some of the boxes (and why do you even have the fade distance?). I couldn't run through the narrow tunnel, getting stuck in the corner. Also that tunnel could use more trusses. Voted.
    Loc'n'lol - Mirrored "detailscene" with uniform windows and primitive skybuildings closeby? I am disappoint.
    Locutus - Quite a simple scene and detailing. Would be looking better if it wasn't walled in.
    Mickanator - I wish it had more texture variation. Dynamite shack is nice, but it has no door on the inside. The other shack is too empty for a detailscene.
    Plipplop - Very nice. Reminds me of the prison in Butcher Bay a little. The walls should be broken up a bit more than just with one white line. Good thing we talked you into joining. Add spawns on either side of this and release an arena. I don't care if it's asymmetrical, I want to play it. Voted.
    Ritz - Cool map. Water texture scale should be higher. Crystals didn't look like in screenshots, probably because of my DX8. How does the lift keeps its balance with only 1 rope attached and asymmetrically placed stuff on it? Cliff walls are a bit boring, also there could be more stuff inside the top building. Voted.
    Sergis - Great map, I've sent an email to Valve recommending them to hire you. Good job on getting the exact desired effect on Prestige. Could use more lights and icicles and at least an overlay under the lantern in snow. Candle flame is sometimes not showing up when spectating, also there is a floating icicle.
    Tomhoen - The fog is far too aggressive. The ridge the displacements have looks odd. Most floors are way too thick, blocky and primitive. -staticproppolys should be used to avoid ugly shadows.
    Tyker - Very nice and atmospheric map. Very deep mineshaft. The supporting beams in there shouldn't all be the same width. Would be nice if the lift reversed rotation direction slowly, instead of "bouncing". The metal roof is way too thick. The lift platform could use more detailed structure. Yellow barrel spam looks samey, but it also looks like it belongs there so it's good. One of the wires in the mineshaft is going through a rock. When I stepped on the lift and it started to go down, the ropes disappeared. Cool crazy minecarts down there. Voted.
    YM - Good looking map. The horizontal ladder is odd, also another ladder is casting an odd shadow on the rock. I have mat_bumpmap 0 at all times. Do gutters even make sense in a desert? I wanted to use some when detailing Namicott, but then I thought "this is a desert, it rains once in 100 years here". The metal sheets on roofs are bit lifted off the roof, looking odd. Voted.
    Zhan - Ok map. The two white wood square window structures could use a bit more different designs. I wish the map had something more, but I liked it just enough to vote. Voted.
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  12. Mick-a-nator

    aa Mick-a-nator

    Positive Ratings:
    I've tried to give an criticism open sandwich for each one, but I'm not great at giving my opinion using words. I ran out of adjectives quickly...

    anova - Promising cp area but not detailed.

    dabp - The rain is a novel idea, and it actually made me run for cover! Only a few small problems, which is to be expected with the time and size.

    dark - nice layout/design but everything feels big yet cramped. In particular the displacements are extreme.

    drwrench - I like the idea of the industrial mining theme, but it doesn't quite work with TF2's mining textures.

    godslayer57 - The frame is overkill for the crane, which doesn't look like it can do much where it is. Not bad, but it feels like something is missing.

    grazr - Good looking surrounding area and the pit is a good central feature, but the area doesn't seem to have any purpose.

    jetti - Generally good quality detail and the crowded feel suits the mining environment, but nothing particularly stands out.

    lochnlol - Mirroring makes me :( Feels like the interesting bit is behind the closed door!

    locutus - A nice outside space, but the buildings are a bit mishmash and the displacement slope is bumpy and spiky.

    mickanator - Terrible, clearly no skill at all. Never make anything ever again ever.

    plipplop - Buildings look great but the odd bits and pieces look to crisp and clean. Outside area looks unnatural.

    ritz - Nice area. The waterfall is great, but where does the water go!? imo the crystal doesn't go with the rock colour.

    sergis - The cabin is brilliant, but it doesn't quite fit in with the mining theme.

    tomhoen - The design is a little higgledy-piggledy, but otherwise very good. Detailing is mainly textural and there's a bit too much fog.

    tyker - Everything looks very good, despite the huuuuuugely thick brushes. Props are a bit too repetitive and the ride down is nice but gets boring quickly.

    YM - Good quality detailing of a good scene, but its small size makes it all feel off limits.

    zhan - Lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. Not much sign of activity/ not very tatty but otherwise a nice environment.
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  13. Prop

    Prop L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    I reallllyyy like the snowing nighttime one! High five Sergis!
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  14. Jetti

    Jetti L5: Dapper Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Oh crap, I missed Ritz. Uh, Rav, +1 for Ritz, plox?

    EDIT: Oh darn, it says I can't edit or update. Whoops. Sorry Ritz. I'll vote for you in another to make up for it? :3
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  15. Loc_n_lol

    Loc_n_lol L10: Glamorous Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Who dared vote for me ? This is an outrage !

    And the vote is cast, congratulations, some surprisingly good stuff there.
  16. Freyja

    aa Freyja ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Positive Ratings:
    Anova: Bland. There was a lack of detail itself, with no little props, little stories in those props. The wires on the telephone lines don't make sense, they're connected to the post
    not the insulator thingy, and some of the textures on the arches are just off.

    Beatz: Love the aptmosphere. Great particles, and sound, and lighting. Marvellous. I also like the floor texture, and the ingenous use of the security fence's bared wire.
    However, with the scout-triple jump bat, I was able to get up, around the back and onto the rooves where I could see nodraw, but as this is for detailing, I won't consider this.
    I do, however, expect you to make this into a map with the same theme, and will be dissapointed if you don't.

    Dark: Nice job, overall look is nice, 3d sky is nice too. However, the blend between the 3d sky and map is a bit off behind the gate, as well as a severe lighting difference.
    The wood texture on the railing of the walkway between the two buildings is also roated 90 degrees, the grain should be parralell to the length. Some of the displacements
    are a bit funny and sharp, and some of the textures arn't aligned. Your rooves are also quite thick, but overall, quite nice, with some very nice geometry.

    Dr. Wrench: Odd lighting, it seems overly bright. The yellow walkways contrast too much with the brown theme going, they stand out too much for a weathered place. Cubemaps
    not built, which are quite important. Some nice geometry and displacement work, as well as some neat ideas. Pity it's ruined a bit by being in a big square hole. Some of the wooden
    buildings also could do with some bracers, especially on the corner, and the silo looks odd with a wood texture.

    Godslayer: Some nice detailing, however all over a bit empty. I like the sound, that definately helps, but there's just not much there. No fine details. ALso, your rooves could be
    extended out a bit more. And I think a truck would snap those twigs as it drives up them. Especially a loaded one.

    Grazr: Nice geometry, nice small details, good sound and particle effects. 3d skybox is blended perfectly, well done, love the outhouse, but I don't understand why there's a fireplace
    inside it. Don't have many complaints, overall, nicely done.

    Jetti: All feels a bit claustrophobic, but it is nicely detailed, with some nice geometry and very good displacement work. Nicely done.

    Locnlol: Odd lighting, and the sleeper overlays are stretched too narrow. It all feels just a bit...empty. The skybox seems a bit emtpty too, witht he building ont he cliff looking bland and empty.

    Locutus: THE BLOOM! Square hole, displacements a bit wonky, and the textures are often misaligned. Also, why is there a non-square peice of sheet metal serving as a bridge?
    Also rather empty. Needs more depth, some plants, some bumpier ground.

    Mickinator: Still a bit empty, like many others. It has some nice detail and geometry, but it seems bland. There's no colour varience, little plants, extra rocks, stuff left lying around.
    Things like that.

    Plip: Spectator camera was nice, and soundscape was nice. Some very nice geometry, and detail where it's needed. Could use a bit more varience in the textures and wood colour,
    but overall very nice.

    Ritz: Nice geometry, nice displacement work. Waterfall looks speccy, and the sound is nicely balanced. I love the gemstones, verry pretty. I think you could have used
    a better water texture though, and the cliffs could use some more detail. But very nice.

    Sergis: Very nice! Love the feel of the whole pace. But the snow clipps into the building. I love the log cabin idea, but the textures are all the same, and it looks odd when there's
    a noticable defect in the texture. Great detailing, love the oven. The outside could use some more detail, but overall very nice!

    Tomhoen: Fog is a bit odd, and the lighting is a bit...white and plain. Geometry seems a bit odd at times and it needs sound. Worst part is the fact that it's a square hole.
    Good effort though.

    Tyker: Nice detailing! Love the geometry, especially in the mineshaft. Moving platform and minecarts are nice, and I love the progression into the spytech base. But it gets a bit darn down there. But
    shouldn't there be some cables or something pulling the platform? The outside is also a bit empty. Seems like it could use some more. Dustmotes are always nice too. overall, nice.

    YM: Quite nice, but contrary to what I've said, it seems a bit cluttered. Nice geometry and attention t detail, however. Well done.

    Zhan: (Going off screenshots for texture replacement) Nice overall. Those stairs look a bit steep to be natural, and the buildings arn't quite connected behind. Overall nice. Always a far for pretty alpine, but I wish there was more.
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  17. Zhan

    Zhan L5: Dapper Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Are you sure you have the right map?
  18. Freyja

    aa Freyja ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Positive Ratings:

    This is your map, no? Looks pretty white. Maybe you overdid it on your HDR, but it certainly looks like...snow.
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  19. Tom Hoen

    Tom Hoen L6: Sharp Member

    Positive Ratings:
    This is how it should look like.
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  20. LeSwordfish

    aa LeSwordfish semi-trained quasi-professional

    Positive Ratings: