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CTF ashworks a1a

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L2: Junior Member
Sep 30, 2012
ashworks - 90% CTF, 10% KoTH!

This is probably the map I'll submit to the back-to-basics competition, and it's a ctf map with a central point. Capping the point opens up a main route to the flag. You can cap without it, but it makes it easier. The HUD is a bit of a workaround, where it displays points being capped as you turn in the flags, but it's readable enough. I hope it brings some decent life to the CTF gamemode.

In terms of lore, Red and Blu are trying to steal each other's secrets on fire safety. They're both terrible at it. There is no secret.

** this is not part of the 72 hour jam, i was working on this before it started. it just happens to be a1 during it**