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    This entry is cancelled. Because I'm working on a full game.

    I will be using a theme I started with for the CTF vs PLR contest, but I didnt finish it.

    I currently working on models, so I will not post any map screenshots yet.

    Currently only a screenshot of a sunflower is up.

    I would like to have some feedback on style for the models, would the Pyro know that I'm fooling him her and it has not been made by Valve but by me.

    The theme will include the following things:
    • Rainbows*
    • Butterflies
    • Trees (3 flavours)*
    • Ivy*
    • Flowers (various flavours)
    • Other foliage
    • Bees
    • Wooden vehicles
    • Safe structures that look very unsafe*
    • Unsafe structures that look very safe*
    • Happy Heavies

    *These have been made by other (great) mappers as well, but I already made the textures for these so I will keep mine :p

    Disclaimer: Everything is subject to be changed, scrapped or not finished at all.
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    I'd say it's a bit too simplistic for TF2's style.

    TF2 doesn't avoid things like gradients, dirt, colour variation, shape variations, etc, but it's done comparatively simplistically. I'd suggest making the yellow petals larger, give the stalk a nice curve (perhaps an S-shape), and make each leaf curved down somewhat (upside down U-shapes). Perhaps some better blending of the geometry where the leaves join the stalk.

    [Edit] Actually, the leaves look like planes. Rotating them slightly so they don't look "stuck in" would probably do the trick.

    Texture wise, I'd suggestion some texture variation on the green (perhaps browner near the base, speckled with a close shade of the green throughout) and adding the "eye" of the sunflower (as seen here).

    These are all pretty small changes. You're off to a good start.

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