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    well, this is my first map i've ever made. i know it won't win, but i'm proud of it.

    my completely original story is as follows: one of BLU's small outposts has detected a large amount of activity coming from a possible source of grade A gravel. it turns out that RED has set up an entire base, complete with a shipping depot, without alerting BLU. Blu is determined to steal this grade A gravel source from RED, much like they are in the famous Gravelpit of America.

    To do so, they must fight to take over the gravel shipping depot, so they will at least cripple RED should they fail. then, they must take over the communications station, cleverly disguised as a barn with really good tv reception. after that, RED will be weakened enough to begin an assault on their main mining operations inside the base.

    oh, one more thing, the gravel is actually grade S (contains rare and valuable metals). this wall of gravel happens to contain an unhealthy amount of Australium, enough to turn the scout into something of a man (that is a lot of Australium). that is reason enough for you to feel the need to fight for it, right?

    so yeah, that's my map. pretty crappy really. but hey, it gave me something to do, and i might even start making some actual maps now!
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    Nice start, although you are using some HL2 textures, which are out of place in TF2. An easy way to prevent this is to type "tf" into the keywords of the texture browser.
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