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    After reviewing this, I saw a great deal of potential. Whether or not it could be realized I couldn't see.

    I listed all the ctf and cp maps and their themes and counted how many had what theme. Only 2 had a farmland theme, so I decided to focus at least the first part on farmland, where a huge BLU base had crept into RED territory. But since it went into the bowels of a RED base with an industrial-looking end hub at point C, I decided to explore the idea of a base that was half above-ground, half subterranean in a small rocky cliff. It would open up like a cave and reveal a large base with a hole up top for a huge missile. If BLU lost, the rocket would launch and destroy BLU's base at the start.

    Of course, I didn't yet have time to start it today in earnest, but I have enough time to realize this over the time of this contest to the end. Hope to finish well and stand... not exhausted. :p