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    Hello Everybody! This is my first 'real' map. I'm not very good at texturing yet, so it might be a little 'off' in that aspect. This is a Neutral Cap zone CTF map. The tree in the middle is the 'Giving Tree' and you must bring the enemy intelligence to it to score.

    I'm hoping that it's not too cramped, the first prototype I made was very cramped, but I'm going for a claustrophobic feel with this map. Armory is heavily inspired by Turbine, which you might feel as your looking through the map.

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    Looking at those screenshots I can tell the map has quite a few big problems. First of all there is no lighting - your map is fullbright, which is a bad thing. It looks ugly and it's hard to distinguish between similar-looking textures (particularly in the second-to-last screenshot). I can also see massive sightlines everywhere and the map is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overscaled.

    Here's a good place to learn what and what not to do in a map. Grazr has also made some fabulous tutorials such as this one here which will help you.

    .. And can I see a leak in the second-to-last screenshot?

    Also, judging by your framerate, there's most likely a problem with vvis, causing everything to be rendered all the time.
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