Argon a6

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Jul 26, 2015
- Adjusted blue spawn exits to minimize sightlines into blue spawn
- Added additional cover around blue spawn area for defending team
- Removed light bridge train because it was weird
- Adjusted positioning of blue forward spawn for safer rollout
- Fixed players getting stuck between stairs and pipe in pipe room
- Added health and ammo for blue team in console room preceding last
- Lengthened flank route on right for blue toward last
- Added cover and ammo around last for more available sentry spots
- Decreased respawn times for both teams
- Increased cap times for both points

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Jul 26, 2015
- Added health and ammo pack to tunnel beneath first point
- Blocked sightline out of doorway near first point on red side
- Added more cover to pipe room
- Added brighter lights to gameplay space in outdoor areas
- Decreased setup time to 40 seconds
- Corrected team goal strings

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