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Arena Mode Ideas

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by Master of Spes, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Master of Spes

    Master of Spes L1: Registered

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    I've played the arena modes and they're pretty good but people hate the waiting and instant knockout so I'm casting a vote to see who would prefer a jail type thing or if you have any ideas to make arena mode more enjoyable.

    Also some of the classes have a greater advantage in this mode and certain techniques have been affected the mode. I personally like it, but I do think that it needs to be improved
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  2. VelvetFistIronGlove

    aa VelvetFistIronGlove

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    I fondly remember the Thievery UT mod, and the spectator mode in that -- you were a rat running around the map, and could fight other rats (spectators); and if you weren't careful around the players on the map they would step on you and squash you.

    Something like that would be really cool for TF2; would work quite well with the theme, and would keep those sitting out of the round more interested/involved without affecting the game.
  3. Apex_

    Apex_ L3: Member

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    I'm still not a fan of no respawns; it just doesn't feel like Team Fortress to me. I'd much rather see a set amount of lives that can be added to by gaining points to a certain limit. Say no more than 3 lives, maybe starting with one, so you have to contribute something (healing, a dispenser, one or two kills depending on player cap etc) to be granted a second chance.

    I've seen games drag out like the worst of Sudden Death numerous times already because people simply don't want to die and sit out. Maybe giving them a way to get a second chance would keep them fighting instead of hiding.

    I also like Velvet's suggestion; any method to distract dead players or spectators sitting out a round would be good. As a server admin *I* get hammered by players for "making them sit out". :rolleyes:
  4. Hawk

    Hawk L7: Fancy Member

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    I wouldn't mind sitting out a round if I were to be confined to one team. The thing is, you'll end up switching sides every now and then, so there's no real reason to root for one team as you watch, because you'll likely end up on the other team at some point. It allows me no sense of loyalty.
  5. MrAlBobo

    MrAlBobo L13: Stunning Member

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    what would be amusing is having a 2nd more confined area when you spawn once you die the 1st time where you can just fight for the fun of it, or the person that wins can earn their way back into the main game
  6. laghlagh

    laghlagh L6: Sharp Member

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    It would be more interesting as a gamemode whit long respawn times, and the only way to win would be having all the players on the opposing team to be dead at the time. So if theres two people left, these would have to try to stay alive until more players from their team could respawn and support them.
  7. Ida

    aa Ida deer

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    That actually sounds like it would work somewhat, but I guess there would be massive problems with turtling engineers, since they could just sit back and effectively provide their team with infinite respawn.
  8. Nineaxis

    aa Nineaxis Quack Doctor

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    I have no problem with spectating in arena mode. It's the inability to choose a team that irks me. I'd rather see 12 v 12 arena with two teams than a max of 8 v 8 and three teams. Playing with the same people lets you develop the strategy that arena mode is supposed to bring about, but you just end up being scrambled between teams and colors and it just doesn't really help anyone.
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