Arena Maps wanted for Soulix 24/7 Ranked Arena AU Server

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    Greetings, hope everyone is well!

    I recently got Arena Volcano working on a lonely server in Australia that plays strictly arena with a decent tightly knit local community behind it.

    Skittles who is admin for the server said she's quite keen to try other up-coming arena maps from our community. I must confess however, they're not going to be too kind to very in-development alpha maps, so preferably maps more on the beta side of development would be welcome.

    The server IP is:
    Custom maps are played from 8pm AEST on weekdays.

    Hit me up if you'd like to get your map onto their roster, or directly contact Skittles through steam ( to see what they think or have to say about your Arena maps, and hell - they might even simply love it and keep it in their map rotation!

    Note: For feedback, you might simply have to get in contact with the server locals as they don't have any replay or feedback links like servers have.
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