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    Hey there. I'm making an arena map, and up until now everything has been going okay. I have constructed the map, and I've been following this tutorial on what entities to place and how to place them:

    However, recently I've run into some trouble. At one point in the tutorial it directs me to place an entity called tf_logic_arena. The problem is that there is no such entity to place. I've looked thoroughly, and even tried simply typing in the name and then trying to place it, but nothing works.

    The tutorial then appears to go on to confirm that this entity does indeed not exist. Yet it then seems to assume that I've somehow managed to place this non-existent entity anyway and directs me to close hammer and start fooling with my map's code via notepad.

    I've tried simply skipping the step of placing the entity, but it doesn't work. I'm at a real dead-end here unless someone can help me.
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    I read up to the tf_logic step. It seems to me that the only thing it is used for is delaying the time until the capture point is unlocked. This can be done w/ a logic_timer, or simply flagging the cap as 'start locked' or something similar, w/ a delay of 60 seconds. At the top right of that tutorial, the individual seems to have made a prefab available, so you could try that as well.
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    No, indeed. Without the tf_logic_arena, the game won't be put into "arena mode".

    You can create the entity manually by putting the name in the little box at the bottom right before placing an entity (or by renaming an entity you've already created); Hammer won't know what kind of entity it is, so will turn "SmartEdit" off, and you'll have to edit the keyvalues manually. Hammer also unfortunately won't let you create new outputs, so you have to fool around with the .vmf in notepad as the tutorial suggests.

    Or much easier as Immortal-D suggested, use the prefab from the tutorial, or copy and paste the tf_logic_arena entity from one of the decompiled Valve maps.
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    Or you could decompile arena_lumberyard or arena_ravine and copy the tf_logic_arena entity from one to the other.......

    Just saying.... :rolleyes: