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Arena -> Koth

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by cool_myll, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. cool_myll

    cool_myll L1: Registered

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    Is it easy to someone who knows about mapping to convert a arena map to koth?

    I really like ctf_mach4 and arena_mach.
    Is it easy for someone to do it for me? I asked the dev, he would like it but he has no time right now.

    In paper it seems like its a click of a job but is it really like this?
    Can someone explain in more detail?
  2. Micnax

    aa Micnax Back from the dead (again)

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    If the dev says it's okay for you to convert it yourself, it's quite simple. Just decompile it, change the Arena entities around with KotH ones and fix any areaportal bugs before recompiling (since they break after decompiling).
  3. Tarry H Sruman

    Tarry H Sruman Large Orphanage Proprietor

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    Find the gamemode entities (they will usually be in a large cluster somewhere on the map), spawn points, and control point, and delete them all. Then insert Boojum's KOTH prefabs in their place, and you're done.

    Though you might need to add spawnroom doors since some arena maps do not have them.
  4. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man L1: Registered

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