Areaportal or hint brushes?

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    I am optimizing my map, and the biggest problem for me right now is the portalflow part of the compile process. I have outdoor areas, and am going to try optimizing it more. I have two big questions:

    1. up high, where the player rarely goes (probably only from sticky jumps). I don't remember, but I think valve uses areaportals up high in their maps. Should I use areaportals or hint, or nothing at all? (it would go across the entire 'sky')

    2. large displacement floors. Nodraw, areaportal, or hint? I am thinking nodraw underneath would work the best.
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    For the first one, definitely use a hint. Areaportals are used to separate locations with a large number of props and other details. For example, coming out of a small room into a large open area, you would use a portal in the doorway. Having large portals tends to hinder performance. As for the floors, you are correct to use a nodraw brush.
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