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    Hello. I'm totally new in mapping, but i want to give it a shot. Don't expect to much form my very first release, it only has dev-textures. It is a capture the flag map with the aim not to be as narrow as the regular ctf maps and also add more vertical gameplay. Although i have tried as much to dont give snipers an unfair advantage. In this release i only have focused on the general map layout and i tried to make the make the hammerunits of all my brushes as a accurate as possible. I would like to hear if there are any flaws in the general maplayout. I also like to hear what's the best next step in the design of my map.

    PS. The map is named arcade because i want a passages with arches in my map.
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    Hi there. Welcome to the forum! For your first map, you seem to have a general grasp of how things are made. Just stick to your designs and consult us if you need any help. This forum is full of seasoned mappers, modellers, and TF2 players who will gladly come to your aid if you need them.

    Oh, and a tip when taking screenshots:
    1) Open up the console and ensure "sv_cheats" is set to 1.
    2) Spectate.
    3) Type in the console "cl_drawhud 0" to hide the HUD.
    4) Take the screenshots as you please. Be sure to set cl_drawhud back when you're done.

    If you decide to take screenshots while in-game as a class, you can also type "r_drawviewmodel 0" to take the weapon off the screen. Although you seem to be aware of that already. :)
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    I did a quick runthrough of the map by myself. I think overall it feels good, just that it's quite open, especially the center area and the hallways. The bottom hallways were pretty long and wide. I suppose you can throw in some obstacles to help cover things up a little in a later version.

    And I can fall off the map, you should cover up the map edges by pushing the skybox boundaries right next to the edges, or just playerclip the edges.

    And you should build cube maps as well, the intels have the purple checkers on them.
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    I made an update to my map. I was first trying to release the a2 version of my map. But i was stuck with a messy grid and not quite content with the layout of the last point, which was to big. Snipers were able to snipe in the spawn. So i am not releasing the a2 version in public. Instead i started with a3 from scratch with a clear grid and another intelroom.

    In the a3 i have fixed as many things as i could at this point.
    * Changed the skybox and added a sun and a little fog.
    * I have made extra walls and made the skybox smaller so its not possible to fall off the map anymore.
    * Added cubemaps and builded them as well.
    * Major Changes in the layout of the intelroom. I splitted the two spawnrooms and added a 'bridge' between the two sides.
    * Added a little house on the middle point to block the view of snipers and add some detail.
    * Added displacements in the cave.
    * Added some basic textures to make the map look better.

    Ow. And i have updated the screenshots as well. Now i am hiding the hud.