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    aqua park (DEAD)

    [MAP IS DEAD] I could not just get motivation with this map...
    koth_aqua_park would be my first map. It is in planning stage (as you can see).
    I made few sketches on paper, but they are most likely not that great, since I have very little experience with gameplay planning.
    Aqua park that has two floors, fish tanks (some of them you can enter), 2 spawns and a middle capture point.
    Let's talk bit about the screenshots/plans.

    White area means the area where players can go
    Crossed area cannot be accessed (but you can access the capture area from second floor)
    Bunch of lines in a row means stairs
    Arrows means exits from spawn
    (NOTE: in the final map, rooms won't be perfect squares and their size may change)
    Also more things will be added

    As this is my first map, I would like to have some informational replies.
    Explain why you don't like the map or certain part or why you like it.
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    One small question.

    1 square = ? HU (hammer units)

    I think 1 square = 64 HU

    Anyway. I like your plan
  3. Uncuepa

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    Woah no, they'd have to be 128 or 192 to avoid massive cramp city
  4. Kill_the_Bug

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    I love the cool perforated texture you have on the right side of the map - how long it take you to do it?

    Shouldn't it be mirrored? I'm kinda confused with it.
  5. The Siphon

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    the layout did not take too long. that is one half of the map. RED or BLU side and then it will be mirrored in Hammer for the other side.
  6. KubeKing

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    I'm glad you're accounting for the thickness of the walls. When I first started sketching things out on graph paper, I forgot to do this, which led to some unruly circumstances.

    I just want to let you know that sketches such as these often turn out overscaled/underscaled/illogical in some places when they are copied to Hammer. Don't be afraid to deviate from the sketch when you feel this becomes the case.

    I'm excited to see what this becomes!