CTF [April Fools] ctf_dust_storm a1

Choose your super power in this minimum-visibility deliver-the-flag map!

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    [April Fools] ctf_dust_storm - Choose your super power in this minimum-visibility deliver-the-flag map!

    A joke map originally made for last year that never ended up getting submitted. Now it rises from the grave to take part in this year's game day!

    How it works:

    Each team has a base containing the enemy flag. Deliver it to the enemy base to capture it. Then it explodes.

    Current weather: Dust Storm. There's dust everywhere. While outside the bases, you can't see very far. The dust storm also prevents engineers from building outside the bases, because engineer buildings are allergic to dust.

    You spawn in a sealed room with various props. Touching any of these props teleports you to the main part of the map. You will be granted a special ability based on which prop you touched, so choose wisely!

    Here's the props and abilities you have to choose from:
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    seems like an insane manpower mode. I don't know about all the super powers, but on it's own the sandstorm concept looks pretty awesome, you could make a legit Egypt map on that
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    From April Fools' 2017

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