Anyone wanna help with my MIP? (Map In Progress)

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by KayEf, May 13, 2016.

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    Howdy fellas!

    So, I'm working on a new map that I think is a cool idea. I call the map: ARENA_Maritime

    What's this map supposed to be you ask? Well, it's basically supposed to be a oil rig out in the ocean where basically, everyone kills each other, cuz arena.

    I can't really give screenshots yet because it's still at it's tiny fetus stage, but I want it to be filled with pipes, gears, pillars, and basically anything an oil rig would have. Maybe even a crane!

    I would mostly need help gathering the models for this map because TF2 isn't really filled to the brim with pillars and pipes (I think...)

    Anyway, if anyone can help (pls senpai crash, notice meh pls :|) I'd greatly appreciate it! Just add me on steam or PM me here and we can talk about it!

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    If you're requesting models, then you can use this forum made specifically for that purpose. But just so you know, most people won't make a model unless they are paid or if your project is far along enough--they want to see that the project will actually happen before spending time and effort on making a model. In the meantime, you can use brushes as placeholders.
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    Tf2 has tons of pipes to chose from. I believe the name "maritime" has been taken already. Also, how far along is the map already. "Fetus stage" only tells us it's early stage, but is it in alpha, beta, etc? Depending on the stage, you could probably just put the map up on the site and get it tested in a gameday or an imp. Also, if you are requesting models, people will want to see your work before they put plenty of time into modeling. As I said before though, I believe tf2 already has most of the models you're looking for, or they already exist somewhere and you can download them.

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    Not even drawings of how the layout would be?

    Either have money for comp or at least have a good start to the project where others would feel like their time is valuable

    See above. Not sure if Crash would be willing to donate time on a project that may or may not happen. Also there are many other talented users on the tf2maps site that can make custom models/textures as well. Keep your mind open to any users and try not to rely on certain people.
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    Make layout first, test it in alpha and when it is good enough then think about custom models and such
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    TF2 also has lots of very flexible pipe props - you should be able to do most of what you want with existing props. I would certainly try that for now, then request a prop or props later if you need help.