Any way to make HLMV work?

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    I don't know how long ago this happened, but HLMV doesn't seem to be able to access stock models, at least not for this game. It can actually find Half-Life 2 models just fine for some reason, but TF2 ones don't show up, and in fact if I try to open a folder that's exclusive to TF2, like props_granary, it just says it couldn't be found.

    Has anyone figured out a fix for this that doesn't involve just dumping all the VPKs out into real folders somewhere? As far as I know, HLMV is the only working tool for viewing advanced model data like LODs and polycounts and such.
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    It's been like that for awhile. The only work around I've found is to get the path name from /models/ in Hammer and use that to load it up.
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