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    Hello friends, I have been noticing a serious problem recently, Steam is running very slow on my Windows 10 device. :(:(:(:( After getting the issue, I have removed some games from Steam :steam:, but still, the problem is arising.

    Then I have started to search on google, and an information got from this article, that saying to clear the Steam cache. Not only this site, most of the articles also recommended this solution.

    But I am a little bit confused, if I clear the download cache, will there create any problem to start the games???? Or any other issue?

    Any kind of suggestions would be highly appreciated. :engiemeh::engiemeh:
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    Clearing the Steam cache should help your issue, and won't negatively impact playing games at all!

    Clearing the steam cache only means clearing the temporary files your client keeps as it downloads them, nothing to do with the games in your library.

    The only issue you should see is that you'll need to log back into Steam after clearing the cache, but this still won't affect the games on your PC.
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    If you have any other programs open, closing them if they're unnecessary would help. Chrome is known to eat up a lot of performance.

    The number of games you currently have downloaded shouldn't really affect the performance of your PC or Steam.

    If you navigate to your settings in Steam and go to "interface", there should be a setting named "Enable GPU accelerated rendering in web views". Try toggling that option.

    If you also go to "library" inside your settings, there should be a setting called "low performance mode". Try toggling that also.
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    how exactly is steam running slow? is it slow to open when you click on the icon in the task bar?