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    Im Alias from the ukcs community and UKCS-Alias on FPSB. Im allways busy making maps for either CSS and TF2 (all my released maps are on fpsb). You can find my playing in the ukcs servers most of the time and my favorite classes are the medic and pyro. I rarely play other classes unless there are achievements for it (but thats temporary anyway as achievements many time are easy). As im a ukcs css admin i cant spend that much time on tf2 though so my total time doesnt go over 500 hours (medic is 130 and pyro is 85 - engineer which is 3rd only has 35). My TF2 map preference is small sized ctf (turbine sized), A/D CP maps with either 3 stages or 3+ CPs and Payload with at least 4 cps in it (either in diffirent stages or all in 1). In other words, i dont like large ctf maps and linear CP (which means i hate 2fort, well and granary). arena is fun but i dont play it often because i also play css which is pretty much the same.

    My maps arent that superior as i many times make smaller maps for some chaos. I am working on a TF2 map at the moment named pl_donut where beta 2 is already released ( - btw, dont try out beta 1 as there were some major bugs/problems in that version). I dont spend a huge time on mapping though but if i map i try to be as original as possible, i prefer new gamemodes more than just making a existing one.

    And yes, i like to make huge posts time to time as long as they are usefull ;)
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    'ello, glad to met ya.