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    I have a few questions for my map.

    What I want to do is to have the model of the soldier doing a custom taunt in my map.

    (like the eastereggs in pl_thundermountain for example)

    is it somehow possible to do this? and would it be easy to implement the custom animation of the taunt to the map?
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    Place a prop_dynamic with the Soldier model, then set its animations to whatever you want it to be. See thundermountain for more detail.
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    I think if you're using a custom animation, you have to be sure that you use Pakrat/PackBSP/whatever to add any files associated with the animation to the map itself, so other players can see the animation. Otherwise, best case scenario is that everyone else but you will see him doing the Civilian pose. Other than that it'd work just like how it does in Thunder Mountain.