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And So Arrives Paul

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ryodoan, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. ryodoan

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    Hello, My name is Paul and I am a computer addict.

    I have to confess I have not done much, if any map design, or used any in game SDK. The only reason I have here is because I have been talking with Immortal-D online through the Steam Friends chat and he kept talking about working on a map, and it sounded pretty cool. Also I am suffering from forum withdrawal, back when Guild Wars was going through its beta testing I was part of a very active Alpha / Beta guild however when the game was finally released many people just vanished and the forums fell apart. Maybe this will be a place for me to hang my proverbial hat.

    As for other information about me I played Diablo II for about 3 years, Played Guild Wars for a bit, I suck at Counter Strike but rock in Day of Defeat, and finally I am eagerly awaiting Call of Duty 4 + Crysis while playing Team Fortress 2.

    Other miscellaneous info:
    - Real Name: Paul
    - Currently in College studying Computer Science and am in whats called a co-op program where I work full time for two quarters, then go to school for two quarters. (in the work period right now)
  2. Dox

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    Hiya paul. Youre not the only forum addict around here. I still post regularly on a counterstrike server forum and i havent played CS in over a year.
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