An Interview With A Boojum Snark

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    This was done for a school project, I did a tf2 map that will be released when it works. I had to interview someone in the field and I figured Booj was plenty in the field.

    Dark(I am Jacks Iron Fist): What was the first thing you started mapping for?

    A Boojum Snark: Well if you are counting the digital medium, it would be Half-Life for 3D games. Worms Armageddon if you go back to 2D games. If to go beyond the digital, the first would be board games. I created my own 'expansion pack' board for Clue that added a garden and basement to the mansion. I used to get out my mom's pack of drafting stencils and use the different shapes to design layouts for sewage treatment facilities.

    Dark: What helped you find out how to create maps?, (online tutorials books ect)

    Booj: Nothing helped me. I started in 2000 with Worldcraft off the Half-Life CD and I only had dial-up. It was mostly trial-and-error by myself, only looking to the Worldcraft help files for info. Those weren't exactly thorough, but they did teach me the tools of the program at least.

    Dark: What was the first map you released?

    Booj: I believe it was Orangepeel for TFC. It was pretty bad. But I'm not positive on it because like I said I mapped for a long time by myself. Hard to remember what was the first internet release.

    Dark: What lead you to being such a part of tf2maps .net?

    Booj: I joined a few months after it started up. I hadn't mapped for awhile so I went searching for a new mapping community. The Steam group with seemed to be the largest so I picked it. Becoming a large part... everything lead to it really. My then seven years of mapping knowledge meant I could answer a lot of questions people had, or devise the answers if I couldn't. I'm always striving to make things the best they can, so it just ended up that I was asked onto the staff team, and I accepted cause I could improve things more there.

    Dark: Why did you start to map?

    Booj: I'm a creator, a fiddler, a tinkerer. Wooden blocks, LEGOs, stick forts in the woods, broken things. You name it, I mess with it and see what I can do. I hang onto way too much stuff just because I might have a use for it in the future. It was only natural when I saw I could create maps for Half-Life that I dived in.

    Dark: Have you mapped for other engines?

    Booj: Yes and no. Pretty much any game I play that can be edited in some way I'll tinker with, but I never went to the point of creating a complete map for anything but the GoldSrc and Source engines.
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    Good interview though it was a bit on the short end of things.
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    Yeah. Nice interview. You should have asked more :D
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    This was pretty abruptly occurring in chat, that's why. Go see the Steam Chat thread for what happened first.
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    I'm just like this.
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    Worms Armageddon? :O Nice.
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    I want to see that clue board now.
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    Ahhh Worms Armageddon, the good old days...

    Snark, your history sounds kinda similar to mine. I like to put stuff together just to see how they work. I spent a lot of time with my legos, and my brother's when he wasn't looking;)
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    My first mapping experiences was also Worms Armageddon, or Warcraft 2, cant remember think it was about the same time...

    Ah these were the days :D

    anyway, nice interview, alot of fun to hear about peoples experiences and how they ended up here! Would be cool to interview all the admins/staff members in a similar way :D
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    Shaar should be on it in due time..