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    Hello all!

    I'm trying to add a couple certain sounds to my map. Custom made WAV's.

    Now I have 2 different sounds, with 2 different problems.

    The first one runs at the beginning of the setup, goes on for about 63 seconds, and the WAV naturally ends after that. No problem. However, it also runs during the 'Waiting for Players' timer of 30 seconds. Now I don't have a problem with that, except that half the time, it restarts the song when setup begins (as it should), but the other half of the time it continues playing the sound, while playing another one at the same time. Now it's set to 'Play Everywhere' since it's just a minor background song. It's also set to 'Starts Silent' since I want it triggered by the map to play at the beginning of the Setup Time, and 'Is NOT Looped' so that it doesn't ever repeat itself, which past the beginning, it doesn't.

    How can I make it so it never plays over itself 100% of the time?


    Now as for my other sound, I don't have any clue why this happens. I have a small .WAV file (about 3 seconds), that is supposed to play one time, each time a certain trigger is activated. It will play the sound, but after it plays, it re-plays it, in a higher pitch. Then again, even higher. It'll do this about 10 times. I have it set to 'Start Silent' and 'Is NOT Looped'. I have two of them (It's a kind of warning sound for both teams on opposite sides of a large barrier, so one for each team), but their radius does intersect, slightly.

    I've checked to see if I made a mistake and told the .WAV file to repeat multiple times at higher pitches or whatever, and I haven't found anything. Or maybe it doesn't like the file being so short? But I doub't that's the problem.

    Anyway, does anyone have any ideas for me? I'm utterly confused.


    Oh, one more note. I have the two warning sounds at a volume of 10, yet they are still SO quiet... I don't know what to do. It's supposed to be a warning... not a subtle hint. Any way I can dramatically increase the volume?
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    Sorry to bump, but I really need help with this. Any ideas from anyone?
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    I can't really tell, since I did'nt played with sound so much (did a custom ambient sound too, but had to make it looped instead...)

    For the first issue, can you send a stop command or similar at setup start followed by a play command ? It would silence a first instance of the song, maybe.
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    in the entity "logic_auto" put the following outputs, with the target being your ambient generic:
    onmapspawn -> stopsound :: with a delay of 0.00
    onmapspawn -> playsound :: with a delay of 0.05

    that will make sure you only have 1 instance of your lil musical number :)

    regarding the other one, check it's inputs. i'm not really sure what's causing that, but it may be somethign to do with a moving entity (i know trains have pitch varying keyvalues for example) that it's connected/parented/referenced to.

    ambient generics are very tempamental creatures.
    even at volume 10, be prepared to have it's radius WAY higher than you the area you want it heard in, as the drop off to zero is VERY sharp.
    (this is why play everywhere gives a much louder result than volume 10, unless you are exactly at the origin of the sound, in which case, it'd sound just as loud)

    ambient generics are even problematic for valve maps - at least for gravelpit. (if you have your speakers up, you might sometimes catch the announcer say "prepare to defend our objectives" or similar, at the start of setup time on gravelpit).