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ambient_generic help, please I'm going insane!

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by (s2a) yahodahan, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. (s2a) yahodahan

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    Allright, I've been messing with this fershlugner *&(#$@ for an hour now, and can't get anything working.

    My goal is a simple, simple, sound- just the announcer voice saying, inside a spawn the red spawn room, "Defend the Flag!" and vice versa in blue.

    For the life of me, all I can accomplish is a very low-volume sound that changes not a whit not matter what numbers, flags, switches, and tantrums I throw. (WAHHHH!!)

    On the same note, I need it be triggered "OnSetupStart", but found the only way I could make this happen correctly was by triggering it "31 seconds AFTER OnSetupStart", ie Hammer for some reason thinks the "waiting for players" phase is also SetupStart- ARG!

    Losing hair quickly here. Help would be much appreciated. And very likely save my computers life...viciously punting it out a window is looking more and more inviting...

  2. AntonJ3000

    AntonJ3000 I am inactive and make horrible maps

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    You can do a point_clientcommand that you send an input to do.
    "play blabla/blabla/blargh.wav"

    Then it will sound as high as a normal announcer.
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  3. studio2a

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    Hey Anton, thanks for the pointer- I just tried that, but the voice is still VERY low, hard to hear.

    And there is still the ridiculous triggering issue...blarg.

    Thanks, it's a step closer!
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