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*Alpine themed textures*

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Dom.U, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Dom.U

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    Hello im looking for some help. Im quite new to hammer editor and am currently in the process of making my first map and before you ask its not a jumble of cube buildings :p it a fairly good first attempt ( i will try to put up some screen shots) However i have a problem. I need some decent texture ideas, so far i just have dev textures applied D:

    My map has an alpine theme. the map is a collection of alpine warehouses . But i need some texture ideas for the buildings. i need

    Blu base textures idealy wood or concrete as well as roof textures. The building is a concrete/wood building with slanted roofs.

    Red base textures ideally wood with metal roof.

    Neutral buildings wood with metal roofs.

    as well as some support beam textures, glass ground and cliff textures.

    Could you please give me some ideas by referencing the texture name ie Metal/wall01 etc. maybe even screen shots of buildings with the textures?

    any ideas greatly appreaciated :wow:
  2. Bloodhound

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    Just look at some Vavlve maps (arena_lumberyard for example) and look what they used.
    There should be enought for your first art pass.
  3. Freyja

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    When it comes to alpine, blue usually has light coloured wood, and blue/gray metal for the roof, while red has darker, redder coloured wood with red metal for the roof.
    Alpine doesn't really follow the same distinction as in other maps.
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