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    Recent post about all of us having abandoned maps reminded me about this abomination I left in hiatus years ago (2010!). So the vmf is getting released. If someone wants to continue where I left off, or just wants to look out of morbid curiousity, or just wants to rip out a building or two for their own use, go for it.

    Original Thread

    Custom content has been removed far as I know; if any remains, it'll not show up unless you also have that content.

    The main vmf is pretty much a mess. I used visgroups heavily, but in no organized fashion -- I'm way WAY more organized (obsessively so?) in my recent maps, but not this one. Stuff is shoved in visgroups in a VERY haphazard (and embarassing) way.

    Stage One is functional, or it was last time I tried it (years ago). Stage One needs a lot of work, detailing, optimization, removal of garbage, etc. Stage Two has a base facade and little else. Stage Three was never even begun, but remains in the form of Boojam Snark's prefab hidden in one section of the map.

    Please do give proper credit, especially if your derivative work ends up in the steam map workshop. What percentage is TBD, depending on how much of it you end up using in your map. Just let me know; we'll figure it out later. I'm very fair about such things.

    ZIP includes:

    • pl_wafflechops_a2.vmf -- I can't find the B1 vmf, sorry
    • wafflechops_blu_base.vmf
    • wafflechops_red_base.vmf
    • pl_wafflechops_a1.bsp
    • pl_wafflechops_a1-2.bsp
    • pl_wafflechops_b1.bsp -- I can't find the A2 bsp! Sorry.
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    I'm really interested in this map, I'll def try to do something with this.