Alot of questions

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May 12, 2017
Hello there! I have gathered a couple questions that I need answers for.

1. how can I take an official map (like 2fort) and make it usable by hammer.exe?

2. Is there a way to place down already chosen props? (Like a brush or some sort) it would save a lot of time

3. How can I make payload tracks? I don't see them anywhere

4. How do I make trains that actually work? (Like on the official maps)

5. When I make a map, where do I publish it?

6. How do I make a spinning hazard? (Like a laser that spins)



May 12, 2013
1. Most maps are only accessible by decompiling them. Some older ones also have SDK-versions, which are files from valve specifically for us to look at. (SDK versions are always the release-version of a map and may have old bugs in them)

2. + 3. Download the 'Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack'. Read the features and you will see.

4. Either use decompiles to copy the entity work, download a prefab, or make it per hand.
(Can't give you a link to a prefab because the download is broken)

5. Read the stickied threads.

6. Learn the Input/Output system that entities use to communicate. Looking at decompiles will greatly help with this.
For this specific example (rotating laser) there are multiple ways to achieve roughly the same thing. Take a look at the entities "env_laser", "env_beam", "info_target" and "func_door_rotating". The probably most advanced thing to do here is "parenting" entities. Also, when working with entities, click the "Help" button in the properties window. It is actually very useful!



May 12, 2013
I completely forgot to mention:
Some entities do not work in TF2 for unknown reasons. One of these is "func_rotating", which is normaly used to make things rotate. Because of this, TF2-Mappers are forced to use workarounds like the mentioned "func_door_rotating". Other alternatives include: "momentary_rot_button" "prop_door_rotating" "func_rot_button" "phys_motor"