All light environments for current maps

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  1. Craftminerlx24

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    Have you ever not wanted to copy paste all the data from a website into several different boxes in a stupid editor? Well, I have the solution for you! Introducing... The Ultimate light_environment Collection!

    Sure, not having to copy across info doesn't seem like a major time saver, but when you need to make a world of 50+ individual light_environments, these things matter.


    Also included, a .txt with a list of all skies and maps using them, as well as a copy of all skybox textures, so this guide can be used offline!
    Special tip:
    The entity itself displays as a certain colour in hammer based on inputted settings. Darker light_env's appear closer to black, and vice versa.

    How to navigate:
    Blue square is #1 (sky_tf2_04)
    Red is #25 (sky_outpost_01)
    Rainbow is #19, it is Pyroland skybox, it is not used in any maps.
    On individual blocks, entities should be read left to right, top to bottom

    *insert obligatory arthritis joke here*

    Let me know if this helped, poll down there \|/

    Probably missed some, this was just based of the dev wiki, what could possibly go wrong.

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  2. Three Million

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    50 is way to excessive and would destroy the compiler/map. Besides the VDC for light_environment says "It is pointless to have more than 1", hence you only need one per map. If you need more, or 50, you are doing something wrong. Personally I don't mind copying over the light data when I start a new map, since I only really have to do it once.
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    I mean, there's also this (defunct download it seems) and this. This might be less outdated though.